Dog Friendly, Key West

Babka, relaxing before going out for dinner with us (she has already had dinner)

Key West is a dog friendly kind of town. People are always out and about walking their dogs, taking them to the enormous dog park at Higg’s Beach or the dog beach. Yes, that is correct. Canines have their own beach in Key West. No, they do not get their own concession stand selling ice cream. (That gives me an idea…)

In typical Key West fashion, there are many restaurants that allow dogs to sit outside with their humans. There are many reasons why Babka loves Key West, but the great restaurants top the list. Wait, maybe that is why I love it. Either way, she has enjoyed many of the island’s finer restaurants.

This is far from a comprehensive list. It is places that we have been, with Babka. I know there are others she should try, so feel free to

Babka likes a nice long walk before (her) dinner so she can sleep through (our) dinner.

comment below and let me know.

Some of the dog friendly places in Key West include:

  • Salute on the Beach (they have many, many water bowls and exclusively outdoor seating)
  • The Flaming Buoy Filet Co.
  • Azur (Babka typically gets water before I do, and I think that is a good thing)
  • Mangia Mangia (a great outdoor patio)
  • Origami
  • Smokin’ Tuna Saloon (I have not eaten here, but have gone for drinks and Babka really enjoyed it)
  • Schooner Wharf Bar
  • Pepe’s
  • Vito’s

Outside of Key West proper:

  • Hogfish Bar and Grill on Stock Island
  • Geiger Key Marina and Smokehouse on Big Coppitt

Where has your pup been welcomed with a filled water bowl and possibly some treats? I Babka would love to hear about them.



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  • FloridaKeysGuy

    Also – list of other stores/places that give treats and have dog water bowls outside which is very helpful on hot days

    Salsa Loca
    One of the New Yogurt places

  • RalphL

    For the tourist(s) that would like to come down to KW with their extended 4 leg family, are there any places close to Old Town to board them? so they can play tourist also during the day? There is the Pampered pet on Roosvelt, but that is not withing easy walking distance
    any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance

  • Hi,
    check out Pawadise Pet Sitting’s website. We can pick up your pet and then bring it back to you when you are done playing tourist 😉
    You can also check our Youtube channel or see our Facebook page…
    Looking forward talking to you soon.

  • Paula

    Thanks for the post. We are visiting right now and I saw this before we left. We have already enjoyed Salute (for lunch) with our pup Chico plus

    NY Pasta Co. (for breakfast)
    Blue Heaven (for breakfast)
    BlackFin Bistro (for dinner)

    By the way … dinner at Black Fin was DELICIOUS. Very good food. I stopped past there in the afternoon to see if we could bring Chico. They said “sure, just call ahead to let us know you’re bringing him and we’ll set you up somewhere comfortable”. It was perfect. Away from the chaos but not relegated to Siberia. In fact all of the places have been very good about seating us somewhere comfortable for him. And they all bring him water. He was really spoiled at Salute and Blue Heaven. They really love their pooches and the food was amazing also. Man … Lobster Benedict. How does it get any better than that!!!

    He has been welcome in many shops including 7 Artists (great place) and has been treated like royalty everywhere. What a great town you have.

    We are still planning to go to Hogfish Grill and Pepe’s before we’re through. Thanks again for your help in planning our trip!

    • GREAT! I am so glad you are enjoying. We were going to try NY Pasta co a week or so ago, but it was way too crowded for us (Babka didn’t seem the least bit bothered by the crowd, though!). I also can’t take Babka to Blue Heaven – too many chickens to chase after!

      Good choice on Blackfin, it is delicious and the outdoor deck is wonderful.

      Hogfish can also be a little chaotic. If you are driving anyway, you may want to go an extra couple of miles to Geiger Key marina. Great food and much calmer, more serene atmosphere.

  • Paula

    Great rec on Geiger Key. We went there on Wednesday and really enjoyed it. Very calm and peaceful and good food. Breakfast was at Pepe’s yesterday. Another great place and it looks like we’ll be going back to Black Fin later today.

    All in all we have had a wonderful time here with Chico. Key West is an amazing place to visit with a four legged buddy. We can’t wait to come back. Thanks for all of the great info you provided.

  • oldschoolways

    This is great! My boy Emmett and I are moving to KW next weekend, and he’s grown spoiled by the massively pet friendly city I live in now. He’s also about to enter a life he’s never known (he’s only about 17 months old and has never lived anywhere else!) and in a new home with another pup, so for a while I may not be able to leave him at home alone!

    By the way, my Emmett favors your Babka a great deal. He’s quite shaggier but has a very similar looks!

  • oldschoolways

    You bet! We just left all his best buddies and he’s sad…can’t wait to suss out the rhythm of this park and see when people are there, etc. Look forward to meeting y’all 🙂

  • Emily

    This was a great page to find. We moved to Key West in January on military orders from a small town in NC and it has been quite an adjustment. My dogs are like my children and my days off work usually revolve around them. Its nice to see where they are not only permitted but welcome. Thanks so much for the information!

  • Patty

    Thank you for a great site! I am freezing in Oregon, but can’t afford winter rates in Key West 🙁
    Won’t travel anywhere without my Chi Bella. Would like to explore opportunity to open doggie ice cream/treats place. 🙂

  • Tigerfan

    This is great info! We will be in Key West for New Years with our Standard Poodle Claude.,any information on NY festivities that would allow us to have him? He wasn’t thrilled with July 4 fireworks but did fine.

    The ordinance makes things complicated for restaurants. Are the lists of dog friendly fairly current?

    • Hmmm… Not too sure about dog friendly New Years, as I generally won’t go out on NYE. But I believe the list is reasonably current. I will try to update it soon. Know that Azur will only allow dogs out front these days (but there are still a few tables)

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