Happy Passover/Happy Easter

The holidays are once again upon us. I have shopped, cleaned the house (at the very last possible moment) and am ready for the seders. By “ready” I mean “looking forward to going to my parents’ house and not doing any of the work associated with the seder, with the exception of eating. A lot.” Normally we split the holidays, one night with my parents and (after a plane ride and some soggy matzo during the trip) one night with my in-laws. While both seders are really wonderful, we just could not do the whole get-up-and-schlep routine tomorrow morning. Either way, Babka does not get to go – too many people and too many food landmines to be avoided.

The food should be spectacular and I hope to post photos on Monday. Stay tuned.

Wishing you and those that are important to you, a Happy Easter and/or Passover.

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