I’m To Blame (Again)

Csonka has been settling in nicely.
Csonka has settled in nicely.

Several years ago, friends of ours encouraged us to get a dog. (“Sure, we’ll watch her when you go away!” or “No, house training isn’t hard!“) Enter Babka. We are fortunate to have several friends that will watch her (and were okay with a second dog, too) when we go away. Enter Latke. These two dogs have a lot of energy and tons of love, not to mention how cute they are. 

Both Babka and Latke were saved by the wonderful people at Paws 2 Care Coalition, and if you have been here before, you know that we support the organization, and recommend them to our friends.

One day, I saw a Facebook post of a new resident at Paws 2 Care. He was atypically large for them, but oh so cute. I sent the photo of the English bulldog to our friends – you know, the ones that encouraged us to get a dog in the first place. Since they already have one amazingly sweet and well-behaved English bulldog, I thought she needed a friend. I was told in no uncertain terms that Maggie did not need a friend, thankyouverymuch.

Then they went to meet the new guy.

A couple of days later, we show up at their house for dinner, and as we are taking the leashes off Babka and Latke, we see Maggie, and an extra dog. It seems that they decided to see how Csonka would fit into their household. Clearly, I’m to blame for the whole thing.

Csonka – which I am sure everyone except me knew that he is named after a Miami Dolphins football player, from the perfect 1972 season – had only arrived a few hours earlier and had already made himself at home. He was getting to know his new Servants, and their friends. He was also getting to know our dogs, who will be hanging out with him in a few weeks. So far so good.

It seems we have come full circle. Four and a half years ago they were encouraging us to find a dog to dote on, and now, here we are, not so subtly encouraging the rescue of another.

If you are in South Florida and are in the market for a new, four-legged addition to your family, start at Paws 2 Care Coalition. Conveniently located in Hollywood, FL, they thoroughly vet each animal and work to ensure each adoption is a good fit. You can see all of their adoptable pets here.



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