Little Pearl, Key West

The envy-inducing tuna brulée.

The tiny, sometimes frenetic, lovely space that formerly housed Seven Fish is now Little Pearl. Although the decor has changed somewhat, and the menu is new, the place still has that familiar vibe I have always loved.

. . . → Read More: Little Pearl, Key West

One Duval at The Pier House

Stunning view from the deck.

The first time FKGuy and I visited Key West, in 1996, we stayed at The Pier House. Perched at the end of Duval Street, overlooking the water, with lush gardens and a beautiful pool, we loved it. Alas, we never went back. Recently, we enjoyed dinner at One Duval. . . . → Read More: One Duval at The Pier House

New York City, Part III: We Ate

The parting gift from brunch, a great next-day breakfast.

Mother’s Day Brunch takes brunching to a whole new level. There are annoying people to contend with, family drama, and hard-to-get reservations. Fortunately, we encountered none of that. Our sunny, chilly morning started off at a baseball game starring my favorite 12-year-old. (He hit a . . . → Read More: New York City, Part III: We Ate

Fish Waterfront Restaurant, Saddlebunch Keys

It’s a gorgeous view, especially now that it stays light later.

In the building that formerly housed Kaya Island Eats, now stands Fish waterfront restaurant. Our friends wanted to go recently, and since they offered to drive, I thought it was a fine idea. (You will never catch me wanting to drive to dinner . . . → Read More: Fish Waterfront Restaurant, Saddlebunch Keys

The Saint Hotel, Key West: Sleeping, Dining, Drinking

One of the newer hotels in Key West, The Saint Hotel, a Marriott Autograph Collection property, offers a lovely bar serving craft cocktails and tasty food. Though they had a rough start getting a liquor license when they first opened, now things are running smoothly. We stopped in for a quick dinner about a . . . → Read More: The Saint Hotel, Key West: Sleeping, Dining, Drinking

Mary Ellen’s Bar, Key West

Old Fashioned on tap is a very good thing.

While having brunch at Azur with friends recently, there were multiple conversations going on at once. After all, six loud people plus mimosas will do that. I was chatting with on friend when I heard overheard something interesting. “…and they have Old Fashioneds on tap…” . . . → Read More: Mary Ellen’s Bar, Key West

Michaels Restaurant, Key West

Key West boasts a plethora of great restaurants, and it is impossible to frequent them all. We hadn’t been to Michaels in ages when friends came to town, reserved, and said, “we’ll meet you there!” The outdoor seating is beautiful, the food is good, but it is pricey (even by Key West standards). Michaels . . . → Read More: Michaels Restaurant, Key West

Al Maidah, Key West Middle Eastern Restaurant

Al Maidah, Arabic for “the table filled with food,” is Key West’s newest Middle Eastern restaurant. Housed off the tourist path on White Street, this location has housed several other restaurants in the seven-and-a-half years we have been in Key West. I hope this one sticks around.

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Pesce & Pasta, Hollywood, FL

The few, sad, mediocre restaurants in downtown Hollywood are slowly being replaced by places that don’t suck. First Ends Meat came along, bringing casual and delicious food to a sorely lacking area. Now, Pesce & Pasta has opened in the former Face location, and it is a welcome addition to the (former) dining wasteland. . . . → Read More: Pesce & Pasta, Hollywood, FL

Bruschetta Italian Restaurant, Key West

Complimentary bruschetta brought to the table, but it was a sad, soggy mess.

I wanted to like it. Any time a new restaurant, bar, or shop opens in town, I hope it’s excellent and successful. While we are very lucky to have many good restaurants in town, another option is always a positive thing. . . . → Read More: Bruschetta Italian Restaurant, Key West

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