Aurorae Beach Towel Giveaway

Babka loves the Aurorae microfiber towel!

Aurorae, the company behind yoga mats and yoga accessories (which I hear are great, but since I only wear the pants…) sent me one of their new microfiber beach towels to try out. They are also giving one of these fluffy towels away to a lucky reader.

. . . → Read More: Aurorae Beach Towel Giveaway

The Detox Update: Did It Work?

Chili, made with butternut squash, over spinach.

After 10 days of the “detox” plan, I can honestly say this: I made it through five of them. By the end of day 5, I was exhausted, cranky and just wanted to sleep. Keep in mind I was eating real food, but no caffeine or alcohol . . . → Read More: The Detox Update: Did It Work?

Detox, Healthy Eating and Chicken Meatballs

The finished, delicious chicken patties (that could have been round had I used a binder)

I have had limited success with the whole detox situation. My body functions much better with a little caffeine and wine in it. But, I’ve been good food wise, and I have cooked a lot. Fish and broccoli or . . . → Read More: Detox, Healthy Eating and Chicken Meatballs

Rocky Horror Picture Show

After a lot of effort, I make a pretty convincing Columbia.

The first time I saw Rocky Horror I was about 14, and it was with a youth group. We could spend hours discussing the inappropriateness of it all, but why? Throughout high school I went to more Rocky Horror midnight showings than I . . . → Read More: Rocky Horror Picture Show


Good morning! Here at the virtual home of Florida Keys Girl, we are always trying to improve. Today, it is our web hosting. In order to have a better experience, I am upgrading the hosting of the site as well as the server and a few other boring things. It should all be complete this . . . → Read More: Updates

Detox? Cleanse? Fast?

Non for me, thanks. At least not for a little while.

To cleanse or not. How about a detox? Maybe a fast? I don’t know about you, but I am confused by all of the different terms, plans and approaches to what is basically the same intention: lose weight and (blah, blah, blah) get . . . → Read More: Detox? Cleanse? Fast?

Martin’s Happy Hour

Vodka is best left for others to enjoy.

I love a bargain. Who doesn’t? Key West is home to many fantastic happy hour deals, and Martin’s is a standout. The thing about happy hour is that it is often hard to get to. Between working, dog walking, and other commitments, late afternoon is not . . . → Read More: Martin’s Happy Hour

Adopt Don’t Shop: 10 Great Reasons To Get A Rescue Pet

Babka, rescue dog #1, adapted quite nicely to a life of pampering.

I have gone from skeeved out by animal poop and ambivalent about dogs to obsessed lunatic in 4 years. No, wait. It only took about a month after adopting Babka to be in that camp. I’ve had nearly four years to hone . . . → Read More: Adopt Don’t Shop: 10 Great Reasons To Get A Rescue Pet

Azur Key West, Hot Summer Deal

Gnocchi are always a good idea.

It is no secret that I absolutely love Azur. The food is spectacular, the service is always spot on and the ambiance is inviting. From the brunch mimosas and Benedicts, to the gnocchi at dinner, there is not a bad choice on the menu. Summer specials make it . . . → Read More: Azur Key West, Hot Summer Deal

We Can’t Be Friends If You Haven’t Seen The Princess Bride

Photo from

The other night we were having dinner at the home of some friends (yes, another fabulous meal cooked by someone else), when the subject of movies came up. I can’t remember the exact context, but I was truly shocked to hear that not one of the three other people in the . . . → Read More: We Can’t Be Friends If You Haven’t Seen The Princess Bride

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