Drinking Someone Else’s Wine

That is a good way to start the weekend!

Last weekend our friends wanted to get together to eat some yummy food and drink good wine. How could I say no to that? We had friends in town, so we were a party of six at Azur. It was a sure bet that the . . . → Read More: Drinking Someone Else’s Wine

Square One Key West, Brunch

Even without the bun, it’s delicious.

It is no secret that I love the new incarnation of Square One. Gone are the heinous shower curtain/makeshift doors in the bathroom, and with the renovation of the space came a new menu, incorporating favorites from both The Cafe and Banana Cafe, the other restaurants owned by . . . → Read More: Square One Key West, Brunch

10 Packing Tips (Updated)

A couple of weeks ago, I got an email saying “I know you have written blog posts about packing tips, but I can’t find them. Can you please send the links to me?” I did, and as I was perusing the posts, I realized that some things have changed in the past five years, since . . . → Read More: 10 Packing Tips (Updated)

It’s Summer. Again.

It is that time of year again. I see Facebook posts where people are still complaining about winter. (One friend posted yesterday that it was 24 degrees when she woke up, and I have seen countless reports from the Northeast of very chilly people). But here in Florida, it is a different story.

. . . → Read More: It’s Summer. Again.

Cards Against Humanity

The box says it all.

“Come over, we’ll play Cards Against Humanity. We’ll do a potluck. It will be fun. But you need to keep an open mind. Really.” This is how it was sold to me. “I always have an open mind,” I replied. “Yeah, well, this can get, um, crude and obnoxious. . . . → Read More: Cards Against Humanity

LIQUID at Ocean Key Resort, Key West

Oh, the amazing view!

There are a bazillion bars in Key West already, so what is so special about a new one? Well, LIQUID, the pool bar at the Ocean Key Resort has just been relaunched, and it is very, very cool. The catch? you have to be staying at the resort to enjoy . . . → Read More: LIQUID at Ocean Key Resort, Key West

Cafe Marquesa, Key West

Happily enjoying the duck slider.

We have been to Cafe Marquesa many times over the past fifteen years. The food is always stellar, and the service is usually professional, if not at all friendly. The thing is, when we are trying to decide where to go for dinner, on any given night, I always . . . → Read More: Cafe Marquesa, Key West

Bonefish Grill, Aventura

They do have interesting cocktails, but we opted for wine.

I normally try to avoid chain restaurants as often as possible, but when a postcard arrived in the mail offering me a free dinner for me and three guests at the not-quite-opened Bonefish Grill in Aventura, I could not resist. I went expecting a . . . → Read More: Bonefish Grill, Aventura

Brunch With Strangers

Mimosas aplenty.

Yesterday started out like any normal Sunday. I got dressed and headed over to Bayview Park for some tennis. Unfortunately, it started to rain, and soaked the courts before I actually got to play. Since I was not getting any exercise, I thought it a good idea to do the next best . . . → Read More: Brunch With Strangers

Carnivorous Habits

Steak for breakfast? Why not?

I love a good steak. Or burger. Or rack of lamb (who doesn’t?) Or a nice roast beef. Or brisket. Really, I could channel my inner Forrest Gump sidekick, Bubba, and go on for days. But I think you get the picture. The thing is, not everyone does, which . . . → Read More: Carnivorous Habits

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