Sunburn at the Sandbar

The dolphin that came by was a bit camera shy.

A couple of weeks ago, we were invited to go out on our friend’s boat. Having been on the wrong end of a sunburn before, I was dressed in a hat, long sleeve shirt and a skirt over my swim suit. I did not . . . → Read More: Sunburn at the Sandbar

It’s Labor Day

It’s Labor Day, and that means one thing: I have already had way too much fun this weekend. Any Federal holiday is a good excuse for social eating. As is pretty much every other day. Whether you are having a bbq, or going out, enjoy your time with family and friends. I know I will.

. . . → Read More: It’s Labor Day

Thank You

It has been a rough couple of weeks here at the online home of Florida Keys Girl. We’ve dealt with hacking and other nonsense. But, all should be secure and back to normal now. If you notice any issue with the site, please send me an email or a tweet. Thank you for sticking around . . . → Read More: Thank You

Key West Summer Deals

Summer in Key West means several things. First of all, you will sweat. A lot. Second of all, there are deals to be had. Some exclusively for locals, and some for locals and visitors alike. Here are a few of the best, in no particular order.

1. Azur. One of the best restaurants on the . . . → Read More: Key West Summer Deals

Social Eating. It’s Good For You. (Sort of.)


Several months ago, I had a conversation with my mother-in-law about social eating, getting older, and how more elderly people benefit from eating with friends. (The actual conversation was a bit longer than that…) It made me realize how much more I eat when I am with friends, which is most of the time.

. . . → Read More: Social Eating. It’s Good For You. (Sort of.)

It’s Giveaway Time… HERLIFE Magazine

Need some summer reading? How about a year’s subscription to HERLIFE magazine? Give it a whirl… you may just win. Enjoy, but don’t delay, as this contest is only good this month, and (sorry out-of-towners) only for Florida residents.  

August Summer Giveaway Sponsored by:

Ends 8/31/14 11:59pm

Each . . . → Read More: It’s Giveaway Time… HERLIFE Magazine

A Conversation with a Friend

What happens when two people, both bloggers, both witty and food and drink obsessed have a conversation via Facebook messenger? Hilarity, that is what. Here is the back story: The last time this friend was in Key West, we ran into them at Hot Tin Roof having brunch. Then they came by to see our . . . → Read More: A Conversation with a Friend

5 Rules For Being a Good House Guest

Usually, it’s as easy as plying your hosts with dessert… and wine.

We really should have installed a revolving door at the entrance to our house. We are in the midst of six weekends in a row of house guests (not to mention two of the three previous weekends, and one of the two . . . → Read More: 5 Rules For Being a Good House Guest

How to Host a Great Brunch in 5 Easy Steps

Stacking sweets adds visual interest, and makes it easy to grab a yummy muffin.

My last brunch post left a lot of readers drooling. It was met with very good feedback, and a number of “oh my, I could never pull that off…” comments. I am here to tell you that you can, and . . . → Read More: How to Host a Great Brunch in 5 Easy Steps

Brunch: My New Favorite Party

The bar setup is crucial to any good party.

There is a lot to be said for a midday party. I can still get to bed at a normal time; cleanup can be done earlier; it can almost always be served as a buffet; everybody loves brunch food; and a Bloody Mary bar is pretty . . . → Read More: Brunch: My New Favorite Party

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