Simply Massage, Fort Lauderdale

When I was in high school, my friends and I would take turns walking on each other’s backs. The pressure felt good, even with our perfectly healthy spines. Little did I know then that it would become a thing. Enter Ashiatsu Deep Tissue massage.

. . . → Read More: Simply Massage, Fort Lauderdale

I’m To Blame (Again)

Csonka has settled in nicely.

Several years ago, friends of ours encouraged us to get a dog. (“Sure, we’ll watch her when you go away!” or “No, house training isn’t hard!“) Enter Babka. We are fortunate to have several friends that will watch her (and were okay with a second dog, too) when we . . . → Read More: I’m To Blame (Again)

Paleo Friendly Chili

Let me be perfectly clear: while I understand what I should and shouldn’t eat, it doesn’t always go as planned. However, when I have time to prepare a meal, it is usually pretty darn healthy. This chili is no exception. I have made it several times, had great results and been asked for the recipe . . . → Read More: Paleo Friendly Chili

Do’s and Don’ts of a Destination Wedding

Destination: Miami Beach.

The weekend wedding got me thinking, about how much I love a good wedding and how when we got married it never occurred to any of our friends to have a destination wedding. Detroit in January certainly does not count. Although we traveled for many a ceremony, they were all held . . . → Read More: Do’s and Don’ts of a Destination Wedding

Wedding Weekend

The backyard.

Over the weekend, we had the pleasure of hosting a wedding ceremony in our backyard. The reception was held down the street at The Flaming Buoy. It was a beautiful weekend. Well, not exactly. It was pouring all day Friday, and the forecast for Saturday – when over 40 people were showing . . . → Read More: Wedding Weekend

Greek Salad Salmon: Easy Dinner Recipe

Greek Salad Salmon: easy, speedy and delicious.

While you often see pictures of complicated, precious desserts that have taken me all day to make, or beautiful, individually portioned appetizers, most of the time I make uncomplicated meals. During the week, when we spend long hours working, I am not interested in making a masterpiece, . . . → Read More: Greek Salad Salmon: Easy Dinner Recipe

It’s October… Rules for Fantasy Fest

It is October, and besides the world being pinkwashed (yes, that’s a thing now), it is nearly time for Fantasy Fest. That week-long festival of ridiculousness in Key West. As such, I thought I would once again share with you some of my favorite rules of Fantasy Fest.

Yes, I know what you . . . → Read More: It’s October… Rules for Fantasy Fest

The Hardest Foods to Avoid While Dieting

I think having more pints than people is perfectly rational.

I’ve been pretty good. I have managed to keep off about twenty pounds, and FKGuy, who has far more willpower that I do, has lost about thirty-five pounds. I am now at a point where I need to hunker down and lose the last . . . → Read More: The Hardest Foods to Avoid While Dieting

It’s National Plan A Cruise Month: 6 Helpful Tips To Plan A Cruise

Just some of the art at the Galley Lunch aboard Seabourn Quest

It is National Plan A Cruise Month. No, I did not make that up. Rather, the Cruise Lines International Association did, both to sell more cruises as well as raise awareness among non-cruisers. It is no secret that I absolutely love cruises. . . . → Read More: It’s National Plan A Cruise Month: 6 Helpful Tips To Plan A Cruise

Shopping in Paris

The France Shoes.

Continuing the theme of doing nice things for other people, I’d like to share a story about shopping in Paris, translating, and graciousness. In June, 2002, FKGuy and I traveled to France with friends. We were really excited about the trip, although less so about traveling on the heels of September . . . → Read More: Shopping in Paris

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