Fish Out of Water (Why I don’t do fishing tournaments)

The guys from Finster, ready to catch some sailfish.

I live in an environment where fishing tournaments happen all the time, yet I seem to have known nothing about them, until recently. Last week, FKGuy and I went to the kickoff party for the sailfish tournament, Quest for the Crest. In addition to the impressive array . . . → Read More: Fish Out of Water (Why I don’t do fishing tournaments)

Prime Steakhouse, Key West

Prime Steakhouse.

A friend of ours has been trying to get us to go to Prime Steakhouse for years. For a number of reasons (one of which is that I am lazy and it is a fairly long walk from my house), we had not gotten there until last week. I’m glad we finally . . . → Read More: Prime Steakhouse, Key West

Meeting the Family

Circa 1982. When, apparently, the only thing we had to wear was velour. The guy with the gun is on the right.

I was sharing this story with some friends during one of the Passover Seders, and thought you might enjoy it, too. In December of 1993, we were in college, and FKGuy spent . . . → Read More: Meeting the Family

Taste of Key West 2015

Crowds gather at the Truman Waterfront for the annual Taste of Key West.

This year marks the first that we were able to go to the annual Taste of Key West, held every April at the Truman Waterfront. Taste of Key West is a benefit to raise money for AIDS Help, and is a . . . → Read More: Taste of Key West 2015

Death By Tako, Key West

Duck confit tacos. Delish!

There’s (another) new game in town, and it is Death by Tako. It is sure to be a huge hit. I am not loving the name, because I really do not want a tortilla stuffed with meat and veggies to be the end of me. The food on the other hand, is awesome.

. . . → Read More: Death By Tako, Key West

Leftovers (The Dogs Love ‘Em)

These are the faces that always know when there are leftovers available.

Every holiday has its fair share of leftovers, but if my mother is cooking, you can bet there are enough leftovers to feed everyone a second, third and possibly fourth time. After a few days, however, I just can’t eat the same . . . → Read More: Leftovers (The Dogs Love ‘Em)

Yard Sale Fail

When we had a yard sale, around the time of a move a couple of years ago, I knew the key to success was twofold. 1. Sell stuff cheaper than you imagined, and 2. Don’t get attached to your stuff that you need to get rid of. In other words, it all goes. 

. . . → Read More: Yard Sale Fail

Still in a Food Coma

To-die-for macaroon cake.

Two days post-Seder and I am still in a bit of a brisket-and-meatball-induced food coma. We were at my parents house, along with family and friends, and the festive Passover meals, including the retelling of the exodus from Egypt, was fantastic. *Disclaimer: I made exactly none of the foods talked about . . . → Read More: Still in a Food Coma

Happy Spring Holidays!

. . . → Read More: Happy Spring Holidays!

Drinking Someone Else’s Wine

That is a good way to start the weekend!

Last weekend our friends wanted to get together to eat some yummy food and drink good wine. How could I say no to that? We had friends in town, so we were a party of six at Azur. It was a sure bet that the . . . → Read More: Drinking Someone Else’s Wine

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