Dog Days of Summer

These two love to go hang out with their friends!

It is no secret that in the three years Babka has been a part of the family, FKGuy and I have become real dog people. We even added another to the mix a couple of months ago, and Latke has been adjusting quite nicely. . . . → Read More: Dog Days of Summer

Brunch: My New Favorite Party

The bar setup is crucial to any good party.

There is a lot to be said for a midday party. I can still get to bed at a normal time; cleanup can be done earlier; it can almost always be served as a buffet; everybody loves brunch food; and a Bloody Mary bar is . . . → Read More: Brunch: My New Favorite Party

Twice as Nice, or Double Trouble? Are Two Dogs Better Than One?

Latke is making herself right at home.

If you have read the blog before, you know that I am obsessed with my awesome rescue mutt, Babka. She is truly a wonderful, mostly well behaved and lovable dog. Well, a few months ago, the folks at Paws 2 Care Coalition (who saved Babka’s life), posted . . . → Read More: Twice as Nice, or Double Trouble? Are Two Dogs Better Than One?

The Square Grouper, Cudjoe Key, FL

For several years people have been telling me how good The Square Grouper is, but I have yet to make it there. Why? Well, generally speaking, once I am in Key West I see no good reason to drive another 22 miles north for a meal. I would stop on a drive south, but they . . . → Read More: The Square Grouper, Cudjoe Key, FL

On the Road to Moultrie, Georgia: A 36 Hour Road Trip

FKGuy, with the Chevy Cruze.

When friends heard we were taking a road trip, everyone was interested to hear where we were going. Once I told them, I was met with a mixture of quizzical stares, and the inevitable “Why?” or “Well, have some good BBQ!” (we didn’t) and even more “Why???” We are . . . → Read More: On the Road to Moultrie, Georgia: A 36 Hour Road Trip

Easy Entertaining: The Tuna Appetizer

The response to the photo (on the left) that I posted on Instagram and Facebook was overwhelming. Everyone thought the dish looked delicious, which it was. Many folks wanted the recipe, which doesn’t really exist. But I will write it down for you. Understand that if you don’t cook, but still want to impress guests, . . . → Read More: Easy Entertaining: The Tuna Appetizer

I Am A Wimp

Even dogs in Florida get a little wimpy.

You may have read about my half marathon training (decidedly un-wimpy) and even the long run in the cold. But the truth cannot be overstated here: I, along with many of my fellow Floridians, am a wimp when it comes to cold weather. Fortunately, it’s not . . . → Read More: I Am A Wimp

Fun, Fun and Fun (or… Life is Good)

Yep, that was a whole lot of Bloody Mary…

This past weekend was a good time from start to finish. It has left me completely exhausted and badly in need of another weekend. ASAP. It happens that we find ourselves sitting next to people in restaurants that leave me laughing – either at them, . . . → Read More: Fun, Fun and Fun (or… Life is Good)

Weekend Wrap Up

Red, white and blue drink. Well, more of a pink one.

You know that this weekend is going to necessitate some recovery time when it starts on Thursday. Well, this past weekend kicked off Wednesday night with drinks at our friends’ house (two bottles of prosecco and some limoncello) followed by dinner (and another . . . → Read More: Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Independence Day!

My festive 4th of July nails, complete with fireworks.

Happy (almost) Independence Day! Tomorrow, millions of people will be celebrating in the usual ways: grilling burgers and hot dogs, setting off fireworks (and subsequently ending up in the emergency room), and gathering with friends and family. The Key West Rotary always does . . . → Read More: Happy Independence Day!

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