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On the Road to Moultrie, Georgia: A 36 Hour Road Trip

FKGuy, with the Chevy Cruze.

FKGuy, with the Chevy Cruze.

When friends heard we were taking a road trip, everyone was interested to hear where we were going. Once I told them, I was met with a mixture of quizzical stares, and the inevitable “Why?” or “Well, have some good BBQ!” (we didn’t) and even more “Why???” We are building a new house, and that house is modular, and being built in a factory in, you guessed it, Moultrie, Georgia. So we went to see our house.  Continue reading On the Road to Moultrie, Georgia: A 36 Hour Road Trip

Easy Entertaining: The Tuna Appetizer

The response to the photo (on the left) that I posted on Instagram and Facebook was overwhelming. Everyone thought the dish looked delicious, which it was. Many folks wanted the recipe, which doesn’t really exist. But I will write it down for you. Understand that if you don’t cook, but still want to impress guests, this will work, too, as it mostly requires cutting things. So if you can use a knife, you can make this. If you are short on time, you can also make this.  Continue reading Easy Entertaining: The Tuna Appetizer

I Am A Wimp

Even dogs in Florida get a little wimpy.

You may have read about my half marathon training (decidedly un-wimpy) and even the long run in the cold. But the truth cannot be overstated here: I, along with many of my fellow Floridians, am a wimp when it comes to cold weather. Fortunately, it’s not all that often. But when it gets nippy, it is all anybody can talk about. Yes, we understand the rest of the country is colder, by a lot, but most of those people are what I affectionately refer to as “hearty northerners“. I am clearly not one of them. Continue reading I Am A Wimp

Fun, Fun and Fun (or… Life is Good)

Yep, that was a whole lot of Bloody Mary…

This past weekend was a good time from start to finish. It has left me completely exhausted and badly in need of another weekend. ASAP. It happens that we find ourselves sitting next to people in restaurants that leave me laughing – either at them, with them, or both – quite often, and Friday night was no exception.

We were seated on the porch of The Flaming Buoy, with Babka, ready to enjoy a yummy dinner (and half price bottles of wine) when next to us sits a father and a three and a half year old son. Their meal started with this exchange: Continue reading Fun, Fun and Fun (or… Life is Good)

Weekend Wrap Up

Red, white and blue drink. Well, more of a pink one.

Red, white and blue drink. Well, more of a pink one.

You know that this weekend is going to necessitate some recovery time when it starts on Thursday. Well, this past weekend kicked off Wednesday night with drinks at our friends’ house (two bottles of prosecco and some limoncello) followed by dinner  (and another three bottles of wine), followed by the arrival of our house guests (and another bottle of wine). So, yeah, we are going to need some recovery time. Continue reading Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Independence Day!


My festive 4th of July nails, complete with fireworks.

Happy (almost) Independence Day! Tomorrow, millions of people will be celebrating in the usual ways: grilling burgers and hot dogs, setting off fireworks (and subsequently ending up in the emergency room), and gathering with friends and family. The Key West Rotary always does a great job with the fireworks, . . . → Read More: Happy Independence Day!

New Additions and Great Meals

The Saturday evening lineup

We kicked off our Saturday evening with good friends, good food and some good wine. A casual meal on the deck of salads, grilled steaks and chocolate lava cakes was topped off by Champagne (Lanson, Black Label, NV), T-Vine Grenache (2011), Howell Mountain Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon (2005) and Castelnau de Suduiraut  (2003). After conflicting schedules, moves, and life getting in the way, we finally managed to get to have dinner with these friends. And it was good. Continue reading New Additions and Great Meals

Weekend Recap

Any weekend that starts like this is going to be good.

Ahhhhh, the glorious days of lounging in Key West, being totally relaxed with nothing to do. Alas, that was not this past weekend. We had plenty to keep us busy. The weekend kicked off with a feast of sushi at Origami. Yum, yum, yum. In addition, Babka got to play the part of doggie ambassador (more on that on her blog next week.) Continue reading Weekend Recap

Moving Sucks


I am going to go on record here and state the obvious: Moving sucks. The packing, the finding a new place to live, the packing, the headaches of selling and buying… it all is miserable. When people I have known for my entire life ask about my parents’ well being, they invariably ask if they still live in the same house. When I reply that they do, I am met with a look of surprise. My response? “They have too much stuff to move.Continue reading Moving Sucks

Roostica, Key West

The latest restaurant from the folks that own the Hogfish Bar and Grill and the restaurant at Geiger Key Marina is Roostica, on Stock Island. Roostica feels like an Italian trattoria with it’s casual atmosphere, simple menu and good food. Continue reading Roostica, Key West