Twice as Nice, or Double Trouble? Are Two Dogs Better Than One?

Latke is making herself right at home.

Latke is making herself right at home.

If you have read the blog before, you know that I am obsessed with my awesome rescue mutt, Babka. She is truly a wonderful, mostly well behaved and lovable dog. Well, a few months ago, the folks at Paws 2 Care Coalition (who saved Babka’s life), posted a photo of an adorable puppy online. I told FKGuy to swing by on his way home from work and pick her up.

He did not.  Continue reading Twice as Nice, or Double Trouble? Are Two Dogs Better Than One?

Potty Mouth

Last week I updated my Facebook status as follows: I’m glad auto correct has finally figured out that I NEVER want to type “ducking“. Thanks, phone! Combined with being on the verge of moving into a new house, it reminded me of the first house we ever bought. Continue reading Potty Mouth

(Moving) Again

As I am driving a load of stuff from IKEA, Costco and Target down to Key West (and vacillate between thinking our lack of shopping is charming or downright absurd), I am once again reminded of how much moving sucks. It just does. Of course, moving into a house you have built, makes it a lot more palatable. Continue reading (Moving) Again

Secrets of a Successful Dinner Party, Part I

Beautiful, and fairly easy to make, desserts for a crowd.

It usually works like this: I try to make plans with friends for dinner, we all look at our calendars, and dinner is scheduled for a month or two out. Well, since it is so far out, I should invite some other people, right? Might as well make it a full on dinner party.  Continue reading Secrets of a Successful Dinner Party, Part I

Happy Birthday, Florida Keys Guy

Babka says "Happy Birthday!"

Babka says “Happy Birthday!”

Today we celebrate FKGuy’s birthday. Happy 42nd birthday! While we do a pretty good job of celebrating and enjoying life on a regular basis, today we’ll have an extra celebration. When I asked where he wanted to go for dinner, FKGuy requested that we stay home and have a few friends over. So that is exactly what we are doing. Continue reading Happy Birthday, Florida Keys Guy

Things You Should Not Do Alone

I have been against wearing glasses for some time. Not because I don’t like the way they look, but I am so used to my contact lenses that I feel like I can’t see well out of them. Alas, the time has come. It has been a solid ten years since I have purchased a pair of glasses and it was time to get a new one. There are just some things you should not do alone.  Continue reading Things You Should Not Do Alone

Only In Key West

I play tennis frequently at Bayview Park, and have done so for the past five years. It is a fabulous set up where you show up and play doubles with whoever else is there. In the winter, there is generally a sign up list, and sometimes a wait for a court. Recently, a small (in my mind) issue seems to have taken on a life of its own and been blown entirely out of proportion. Only in Key West… Continue reading Only In Key West

Keep Laughing… No Matter What

I really should have gotten the camera out sooner.

I really should have gotten the camera out sooner.

In the spirit of “anything that can go wrong, will…” I began my visit to my friend’s mom in the hospital with a trip to a local florist. They had a total of 4 arrangements pre-made, two of them heavy with carnations. The third one had begun wilting. None was particularly interesting. “OK, I’ll take that one.”  “Are you sure?” “Well, it is the only choice, right? Aside from the carnations and the wilted one.” The good news, it is was a lovely arrangement, and it smelled good, too.  Continue reading Keep Laughing… No Matter What

Decision Overload

Have you ever had a time where you have made so many decisions, it seems that one more will make your head explode? I feel like I am in that position now (and it will probably get worse in the short term, before it gets better). I am on decision overload. You see, I have spent hours on end over the past several days on the phone with various retailers buying fixtures: shower fixtures, toilet paper holders, lights, etc.  Continue reading Decision Overload

The Case of the Plastic Container


To return… or not?

We don’t really live in an era of bringing casseroles to potlucks anymore (at least not in my world). Even if we did, I am a bit militant about quality control (that, and I keep kosher), so I usually decline guests offers of bringing food to a party. So I tend to cook. A lot. Continue reading The Case of the Plastic Container

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