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Key West Food and Wine Festival 2014, Part I

Yummy wines kick off the festival.

Yummy wines kick off the festival.

One of my favorite events of the entire year happens each January, the Key West Food and Wine Festival, and this year was no exception. I spent a good deal of time at the Hospitality Suite selling tickets, meeting the festival goers, and of course, drinking wine. (It’s a rough job, I know.) Continue reading Key West Food and Wine Festival 2014, Part I

Hot Tin Roof, Key West

2013-07-18_12-20-28_943Have you ever gone to a restaurant, looked at the menu and said to yourself “Hmmmm… this looks so good, I’ll have one of everything” ? Well, that is kind of what happened last week when I was invited to a blogger lunch at Hot Tin Roof, at the Ocean Key Resort in Key West. In celebration of the new lunch menu, we were served miniature portions of nearly everything on the menu.  Continue reading Hot Tin Roof, Key West

Honeymoon in Paradise

Sunset sail with Danger Charters... always a good time.

The other evening, I went on a sunset sail aboard Danger Charters with a friend, as she was covering it for a new magazine. Being her “plus one” I was instructed to get contact information for everyone she had in a photo, so she could get their consent for publication.  Continue reading Honeymoon in Paradise

Village Gourmet, Islamorada

I have been to the Village Gourmet a bunch of times, usually just for a quick coffee and maybe a pastry for the road. Last week we had the opportunity for an actual meal there.  Continue reading Village Gourmet, Islamorada

Mango Daiquiris

Imagine yourself on a tropical vacation… it usually involves a frosty beverage and a beach or pool, right? Well, summer is upon us and so it is officially Frosty Beverage and Pool season. I love every minute of it. It started when a neighbor brought over a bag of mangoes. Continue reading Mango Daiquiris

Shula Burger, Islamorada

The catchphrase is “If you love our steaks you’ll flip for our burgers” and the first location (although several more are planned, along with franchises) is in the Florida Keys, at the Postcard Inn at Holidays Isle.They have billboards with big, juicy burgers tempting all driving by. Continue reading Shula Burger, Islamorada

Sparky’s Landing, Key Colony Beach

I had the rare opportunity to be traveling early in the day last week, which left me hungry and needing lunch on the drive from the mainland to Key West. But where to go? It had to be someplace with outdoor seating that allows dogs. Plus, I wanted somewhere with table service. I was not in the mood for DIY, so that eliminated the obvious choice of Keys Fisheries.  We chose Sparky’s Landing on Key Colony Beach.  Continue reading Sparky’s Landing, Key Colony Beach

Little Palm Island

Little Palm Island is the place people dream of when they picture the idyllic Florida Keys. Secluded and three miles off the coast, Little Palm Island is only accessible by boat. We arrived at the ferry parking lot and were greeted warmly by the attendant. After about three minutes we were escorted to the boat with four other people, all of whom appeared to be spending one or more nights (the suitcases gave them away.)

Continue reading Little Palm Island

Geiger Key Marina & Restaurant

The view from our table... not too shabby.

Last week, to kick of Eating Key West weekend (which, much to my dismay, was not a universally celebrated event), we stopped at Geiger Key Marina & Smokehouse for lunch. While we missed the Sunday B-B-Q day, we did enjoy a wonderful lunch there. Continue reading Geiger Key Marina & Restaurant

Eating Key West

Normally, I review one restaurant or meal at a time. This past weekend, however, deserves a recap of its own. Since my cousin was coming to town and we have many of the same interests, mainly revolving around eating, drinking and a love-hate relationship with running, I planned the eating and drinking (and a little running) tour of Key West. Continue reading Eating Key West