Sparky’s Landing, Key Colony Beach

I had the rare opportunity to be traveling early in the day last week, which left me hungry and needing lunch on the drive from the mainland to Key West. But where to go? It had to be someplace with outdoor seating that allows dogs. Plus, I wanted somewhere with table service. I was not . . . → Read More: Sparky’s Landing, Key Colony Beach

The Race That Wasn’t

If I commit to something, I typically do it. Whatever it is, no matter how annoying or how much I regret saying “Yep, sure, I can do that.” Somehow, it always happens. Last year when I committed to running a half marathon with Team in Training, I trained so that I would be prepared. I . . . → Read More: The Race That Wasn’t

Ultra Marathons: Ultra Crazy?

Roughly the length of the Keys 100 Run

An “ultra marathon” is generally described as any race longer than the traditional, or “normal” marathon distance of 26.2 miles. I have decided that I will do the New York Marathon in 2012. I gave up my spot in 2011 due to knee surgery and then . . . → Read More: Ultra Marathons: Ultra Crazy?

Using a Public Restroom: Please Lock the Door

Image via Wikipedia

One of my very first blog posts, on October 26, 2009 was about not locking the door in a public restroom. I had the misfortune of walking into a gas station restroom to a woman in a lace thong with her jeans around her ankles. It was not a pretty . . . → Read More: Using a Public Restroom: Please Lock the Door

Key West Half Marathon

Yep, I’m nuts. That is the only explanation for having run the Key West half marathon yesterday, a mere two weeks after Disney. Several friends who did the Disney run also did the Key West run yesterday. I was really looking forward to this run for a few reasons.

I was already trained. I did . . . → Read More: Key West Half Marathon


The weary Key West Team at 3:15AM

If you have been following along, you know that I have just run (run/walk/run) in the Disney Half-Marathon over the weekend, along with 26,999 other people. I have had three months of waking up at 4:15 on Saturday mornings to train, running with the Lululemon Run Club every . . . → Read More: Success

A Run Club? Really?

When I started this whole running thing, I really thought I just needed some shoes (I had a seven year old, falling apart, crappy New Balance version, which I thought would be fine) and a good sports bra and I would be on my merry way. I was very, very wrong. I signed up for . . . → Read More: A Run Club? Really?

196 Miles

This looks nothing like me running.

196 miles is roughly the distance between my home in Hollywood, FL and my home in Key West. It is the distance between Baltimore, MD and New York City. 196 miles is over 1 million feet. A million. It is also the distance that I have run thus . . . → Read More: 196 Miles

In the Near Future

Image by dongato via Flickr

When I decided that moving to Key West, even part time, was a good idea, it was largely for the feeling of the island. I can walk everywhere. People are nice. There is a lot to do. Never once did the “lots to do” part feature running, and certainly . . . → Read More: In the Near Future

Overconfidence… or Sheer Stupidity

You may have already read some of my training fun here or here. I may not have mentioned that I come from a long line of athletically-challenged individuals. It is a serious case of Goldberg-itis. If there was a Wikipedia definition it would say: the genetic makeup of a non-athlete; may have episodes of getting . . . → Read More: Overconfidence… or Sheer Stupidity

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