Osteria Morini, New York City

Osteria Morini

We arrived in New York for a very short visit last Friday, and promptly had dinner with friends, my cousin and soon to be cousin-in-law (Is that even a thing? I think I’ll just keep him in the friend category) at our home on the Upper West Side. Naturally, by “our home” . . . → Read More: Osteria Morini, New York City

I Heart New York

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I lived in New York City for six years after college (a while ago) and loved every minute of it. Well, most minutes of it. The part where I was run over by a taxi on my way to work? Not so much. The constant things to do and . . . → Read More: I Heart New York

Holding a Grudge

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I hold grudges. It is a character flaw, for sure, but there are certain things I just can’t let go. Often times, these are relatively minor issues, but usually there has been some egregious (in my mind) injustice (to me, or someone I know). Like my Sarabeth’s grudge. What started off . . . → Read More: Holding a Grudge

New York Apartment: The End Result

After days of seeing apartment after apartment in crappy walk-ups, mid-range buildings and luxury buildings, all in the same price range, we have a winner. My cousin will be living at The Anthem, a really nice building in the East 30s. It is near his job and he can easily access a whole lot of . . . → Read More: New York Apartment: The End Result

New York, New York: Apartment Rentals

I spent three days helping my cousin look for an apartment in New York City. It is quite a challenge. There are a few choices in Manhattan:

Spend more than most people make in a year on rent, as one bedroom apartments, around 500-600 square feet can go for as much as $4800 per month. . . . → Read More: New York, New York: Apartment Rentals

I ♥ NY

The great thing about New York City is the many things there are to do, at all times. Last week, I was in New York for a few days. I landed Thursday, shared a car with someone I knew on my flight, and headed to my friend’s place on the Upper West Side. From . . . → Read More: I ♥ NY

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