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Creature of Habit

It is hard to believe that anyone could resist these delicious brownies!

It is hard to believe that anyone could resist these delicious brownies!

Each one of us is, to a degree, a creature of habit. We order the same thing again and again at our favorite restaurants, we go to the same places for gas and groceries. It is comforting. This past weekend, I realized just how much we like to keep things the same. Continue reading Creature of Habit

Village Gourmet, Islamorada

I have been to the Village Gourmet a bunch of times, usually just for a quick coffee and maybe a pastry for the road. Last week we had the opportunity for an actual meal there.  Continue reading Village Gourmet, Islamorada

Bob’s Bunz, Islamorada

Continue reading Bob’s Bunz, Islamorada

Florida Keys Girl’s Insider’s Guide to the Keys

I was recently approached by the folks at Cheapflights.com to answer a few questions about the Florida Keys and Key West  for their Insider’s Guide to the Keys. Naturally, since I can’t shut up about how great Key West, and all of the Keys are, I answered. At length. Great restaurants? Check. Fun things to do . . . → Read More: Florida Keys Girl’s Insider’s Guide to the Keys

Shula Burger, Islamorada

The catchphrase is “If you love our steaks you’ll flip for our burgers” and the first location (although several more are planned, along with franchises) is in the Florida Keys, at the Postcard Inn at Holidays Isle.They have billboards with big, juicy burgers tempting all driving by. Continue reading Shula Burger, Islamorada

Sparky’s Landing, Key Colony Beach

I had the rare opportunity to be traveling early in the day last week, which left me hungry and needing lunch on the drive from the mainland to Key West. But where to go? It had to be someplace with outdoor seating that allows dogs. Plus, I wanted somewhere with table service. I was not in the mood for DIY, so that eliminated the obvious choice of Keys Fisheries.  We chose Sparky’s Landing on Key Colony Beach.  Continue reading Sparky’s Landing, Key Colony Beach

Little Palm Island

Little Palm Island is the place people dream of when they picture the idyllic Florida Keys. Secluded and three miles off the coast, Little Palm Island is only accessible by boat. We arrived at the ferry parking lot and were greeted warmly by the attendant. After about three minutes we were escorted to the boat with four other people, all of whom appeared to be spending one or more nights (the suitcases gave them away.)

Continue reading Little Palm Island

Geiger Key Marina & Restaurant

The view from our table... not too shabby.

Last week, to kick of Eating Key West weekend (which, much to my dismay, was not a universally celebrated event), we stopped at Geiger Key Marina & Smokehouse for lunch. While we missed the Sunday B-B-Q day, we did enjoy a wonderful lunch there. Continue reading Geiger Key Marina & Restaurant

Pilot House, Key Largo


Worth the effort to find.

So there I was, driving northbound along the Overseas Highway when we decided to stop for lunch. Having done some research (OK, I Googled “Dog friendly restaurants in Key Largo” while my mom was driving) we settled on lunch at Snappers. Turns out, they only allow dogs in one small area of the outside, and only after 4 PM. That hardly seems dog friendly to me. After being rejected by Snappers, we headed to the Pilot House. This time I called ahead and made sure it is Babka-friendly. Indeed, it is. Continue reading Pilot House, Key Largo

The First Time

End of US highway 1 in Key West, Florida

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My sister-in-law is coming to visit this weekend and it will be her first trip to Key West. Naturally, I’ve been trying to plan some fun activities for the weekend. She is coming with my mother-in-law, who has been here before, so I am coming up with things we can do that both will enjoy. Continue reading The First Time