The First Time

End of US highway 1 in Key West, Florida

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My sister-in-law is coming to visit this weekend and it will be her first trip to Key West. Naturally, I’ve been trying to plan some fun activities for the weekend. She is coming with my mother-in-law, who has been here before, so I am coming up with things we can do that both will enjoy. Continue reading The First Time

Ultra Marathons: Ultra Crazy?

Roughly the length of the Keys 100 Run

An “ultra marathon” is generally described as any race longer than the traditional, or “normal” marathon distance of 26.2 miles. I have decided that I will do the New York Marathon in 2012. I gave up my spot in 2011 due to knee surgery and then not having enough time to train. I realize that running even one marathon is a bit crazy, but it is something I will do just to prove to myself that I can do it and survive, preferably with my toenails intact.

Continue reading Ultra Marathons: Ultra Crazy?

Restaurant Review: Cracked Conch Cafe

Stepping into the Cracked Conch Cafe in Marathon (MM 49.5) is like taking one giant leap backwards to 1975, complete with vinyl tablecloths, diner-style menu and dudes at the outside bar smoking. I suppose if it actually were 1975, they would have been smoking inside.

The menu is large and covers everything from breakfast to their namesake dish: conch. Conch Francaise, conch chowder, conch marinara, fried conch, and the list goes on (I am feeling a bit like Forrest Gump, here). Continue reading Restaurant Review: Cracked Conch Cafe

Restaurant Review: Island Grill Islamorada

People in other climates dream of sitting in a waterside restaurant, pulling up on their boat and enjoying a simple meal. In the Florida Keys, this is part of life. Open air restaurants, with water views and friendly service are virtually everywhere here – that is how it goes when you live on a chain of islands 150 miles long, are surrounded by water and have a year-round tropical climate. Continue reading Restaurant Review: Island Grill Islamorada

The BCR: Where to Pee Southbound on the Overseas Highway

I drive the Overseas Highway with alarming regularity – southbound in the late afternoon or evening and northbound in the absurdly early hours of the morning. As such, it is vital to note where the best bathrooms are. I will call this the BCR (Bathroom Convenience Ratio). It is a non-scientific, entirely subjective qualification of bathrooms you may encounter while out and about.The BCR has a scale of 1-10, with 1 being a dirty, inconvenient place always running out of toilet paper and 10 being the cleanest place you have ever encountered, with two-ply toilet paper and luxurious hand soap. Continue reading The BCR: Where to Pee Southbound on the Overseas Highway

Love the Florida Keys? 7 Rules for Driving the Overseas Highway

The overseas highway, the stretch of US1 from Key Largo to Key West is one of the most beautiful stretches of road in the country. Most of the 106 miles is one lane in each direction. Views of the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean stretch as far as the eye can see. The Seven Mile Bridge is a wonder of engineering.

Because the stretch of road is so long and narrow, there are a few things that you can do to make the drive more enjoyable for everyone. Continue reading Love the Florida Keys? 7 Rules for Driving the Overseas Highway

Life on an Island

Ahhh, island life. It conjures images of sitting on a hammock, drinking a fruity beverage and not having a care in the world. What is missing from this lovely, idyllic image, however, is logistics.

I mean the practicality of it all. Flights are more expensive to fly in and out of this little slice of paradise. . . . → Read More: Life on an Island

Whale of a Good Time

Wahoo’s at the Whale Harbor in Islamorada was the lunch spot yesterday. After picking friends up at the Fort Lauderdale airport, we headed south for the beautiful drive to Key West. Mrs Mac’s was a little early in the drive and Keys Fisheries a little too late, as we were hungry, so we went to the . . . → Read More: Whale of a Good Time


Driving by the Barracuda Grill, it looks like every other restaurant in the Florida Keys: low key and fairly nondescript. Inside is a whole different ball game. It is charming, adorable and, as an added bonus, has great food.

At first glance, the menu pricing seems a bit odd. Entrees are between $16 for fried shrimp to . . . → Read More: Barracuda


“World Famous Super Fish Sandwich”. Sounds pretty good, no? After continuously driving by a billboard making this claim, and commenting on it several times, I decided to give it a try. If it is world famous, it must be so for a reason. I stopped into Craig’s Restaurant at Mile Marker 90 for lunch, by myself. . . . → Read More: Hyperbole

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