Pure Barre, Fort Lauderdale

I am not smiling because I am happy. I am smiling because I am imagining myself kicking the person taking the photo.

When I was invited to participate in a blogger’s fitness class at Pure Barre in Fort Lauderdale, my first reaction (and my response to the email) was “Really? After my last performance . . . → Read More: Pure Barre, Fort Lauderdale

Friends with Benefits

We all need more friends with benefits, right? Before you get all excited, no, I am not talking about those benefits. I am talking about run-of-the-mill, things-you-can-discuss-with-a-toddler kinds of perks. I often find myself having the following conversation with acquaintances:

. . . → Read More: Friends with Benefits

Birthday Parties

FKGuy honing his mad skee ball skills

So, you heard about FKGuys big Four-Oh this past May, where I cooked for a week, prayed it didn’t rain (since we had no plan B) and had a whole lot of people over eating and drinking. Those are the kinds of birthday parties in my life these . . . → Read More: Birthday Parties


The Pez Cake

April has now become officially known (at least to me) as “50th birthday party month“. May is shaping up to be “40th birthday month” but you’ll hear more about that as it unfolds. A week ago I went to a birthday lunch for a very good friend. About 20 people gathered at . . . → Read More: Surprise!

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, Waterfront Playhouse, Key West

I absolutely love the Waterfront Playhouse. It is right at Mallory Square, so once you get past the throngs of tourists there for sunset, it is a pleasure. The theater itself is small, charming and well air conditioned (hey, these things are important in Key West…) There is also not a bad seat in the . . . → Read More: The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, Waterfront Playhouse, Key West

Key West Story, by Rick Skwiot

Key West Story is the newest book from author Rick Skwiot, and the latest book I have forced upon my book club. I’m glad I did. The book is a great read. Our main character, Con, finds himself in a bit of a bind and needs to make some interesting choices.

. . . → Read More: Key West Story, by Rick Skwiot

Dog Friendly, Key West

Babka, relaxing before going out for dinner with us (she has already had dinner)

Key West is a dog friendly kind of town. People are always out and about walking their dogs, taking them to the enormous dog park at Higg’s Beach or the dog beach. Yes, that is correct. Canines have their own . . . → Read More: Dog Friendly, Key West

Hog’s Breath Hog Trot 5K

Babka at the Hog's Breath with Alison.

For the past eighteen years the Hog’s Breath has put on the Hog Trot, a Thanksgiving weekend 5K race. This was only my second one. I signed up late, was congested and had both wine and margaritas the night before. There was no way it was going . . . → Read More: Hog’s Breath Hog Trot 5K

Things My Dog Says

As a new dog owner, I know that one of the things the “experts” warn against is humanizing your dog. I get it. Babka’s a dog. She barks, plays, “kills” a toy squirrel every chance she gets and loves treats. She also talks to me. Here are some of the highlights of the . . . → Read More: Things My Dog Says

Oh, The Places We Go

Babka loves riding in the car!

Babka, the somewhat anxious, hates-to-be-left-alone, but amazingly sweet and super cute terrier has now been with us for a little over two weeks. After I got over my initial reaction of wanting to shoot myself (“What did I do? This is what I have to look . . . → Read More: Oh, The Places We Go

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