On The Road Again: Moultrie, Georgia, Part II

The not-quite-finished, not-quite assembled house

The not-quite-finished, not-quite assembled house

Having overindulged in mediocre pizza, we were in need of exercise Monday morning. FKGuy and I even brought cold weather running clothes with us. The pouring rain had continued through the night, but fortunately the Holiday Inn Express has a gym. Well, they have two treadmills, a stair climber and a bike all in the same room referred to as the “Fitness Center“.  Continue reading On The Road Again: Moultrie, Georgia, Part II

Validation (Why I ♥ My Fitbit)

Yes! Motivational email incoming!

Yes! Motivational email incoming!

I have a love-hate relationship with my scale. Well, it is more like an ongoing disagreement. I think the number displayed should be vastly different than the number actually being displayed, causing a lot of name calling. Yes, I yell at my scale. I know I am not alone. Continue reading Validation (Why I ♥ My Fitbit)

The Race That Wasn’t

If I commit to something, I typically do it. Whatever it is, no matter how annoying or how much I regret saying “Yep, sure, I can do that.” Somehow, it always happens. Last year when I committed to running a half marathon with Team in Training, I trained so that I would be prepared. I ran three days a week, distance dictated by my training calendar, for over three months. I did not miss one single training. Why? Because I knew I had to put in the time in order to finish the race and be able to walk when I was done.

Continue reading The Race That Wasn’t

Hog’s Breath Hog Trot 5K

Babka at the Hog's Breath with Alison.

For the past eighteen years the Hog’s Breath has put on the Hog Trot, a Thanksgiving weekend 5K race. This was only my second one. I signed up late, was congested and had both wine and margaritas the night before. There was no way it was going to go well for me.  Continue reading Hog’s Breath Hog Trot 5K

Zonta 5K and Meeting of the Minds

Zonta 5K, where I was very, very slow

This weekend was the 20th annual Meeting of the Minds (MOTM), the annual Parrothead gathering in Key West. No, I did not attend. However, every year there is a rumor that Jimmy Buffett will be playing a show sometime during the weekend. Every. Single. Year. It hasn’t been true in quite a while. Until last Friday. Of course, these things are generally kept under wraps until the last minute, so where was I for the 4:00 Friday show on Duval street? In my car. Listening to JD Spradlin yap about it on Radio Margaritaville. Continue reading Zonta 5K and Meeting of the Minds

I Heart New York


Looking south from Top of the Rock, New York City

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I lived in New York City for six years after college (a while ago) and loved every minute of it. Well, most minutes of it. The part where I was run over by a taxi on my way to work? Not so much. The constant things to do and places to go? Absolutely. Continue reading I Heart New York


I spend a lot of time wearing workout clothes. Don’t judge me. There are many reasons for this. 1) I exercise a lot.  OK, not that much, but enough to warrant a full workout wardrobe. 2) They stretch, and I am carrying around a few extra pounds, so they are the only pants that really fit me. 3) Lululemon clothes rock. Seriously. You’d wear exclusively Lulu if you could, too. Flat seams, no chafing… Amazing. And this is where the problem began. Continue reading Backwards

Ultra Marathons: Ultra Crazy?

Roughly the length of the Keys 100 Run

An “ultra marathon” is generally described as any race longer than the traditional, or “normal” marathon distance of 26.2 miles. I have decided that I will do the New York Marathon in 2012. I gave up my spot in 2011 due to knee surgery and then not having enough time to train. I realize that running even one marathon is a bit crazy, but it is something I will do just to prove to myself that I can do it and survive, preferably with my toenails intact.

Continue reading Ultra Marathons: Ultra Crazy?

Knee Surgery – Again

After many months of suffering through knee pain (and working out some insurance issues), I had surgery to cut out the damaged part of my meniscus last week. Having injured myself many times before, I am familiar with the whole surgery and recovery process. I showed up at 5:30AM, as instructed, to the outpatient facility to find a completely dark building. A nurse arrived a few minutes later and let us in. Having the first appointment of the day is key to things going smoothly, I’ve learned.

Continue reading Knee Surgery – Again

Sandy’s Cafe, Key West

I hesitate to call this a restaurant review because I am not sure if we can classify Sandy’s that way.  Yes, they serve food, and they even cook it to order. But the only seating (at what I affectionately refer to as the “chef’s table”) is a few stools by the window overlooking the grill. Plus, it is inside a laundromat. That being said, they make a delicious egg sandwich. Continue reading Sandy’s Cafe, Key West

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