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Secrets of a Successful Dinner Party, Part III

The roast vegetable platter I made for a recent party. Simple, delicious, and mostly gone at the end of the night.

By now, you have invited guests and planned out a welcome drink (and by “planned out“, I mean “purchased a couple of bottles of bubbly.“) It seems like it is time to move on to . . . → Read More: Secrets of a Successful Dinner Party, Part III

Creature of Habit

It is hard to believe that anyone could resist these delicious brownies!

Each one of us is, to a degree, a creature of habit. We order the same thing again and again at our favorite restaurants, we go to the same places for gas and groceries. It is comforting. This past weekend, I realized . . . → Read More: Creature of Habit

Dos Caminos, Fort Lauderdale

Dos Caminos, Fort Lauderdale

This is likely the last in the three part Dine Out Lauderdale series. The people at Dine Out Lauderdale invited us to Dos Caminos to sample their three course, $35 menu. It started off a bit rocky, to say the least. 

. . . → Read More: Dos Caminos, Fort Lauderdale

Dine Out Lauderdale: Spazio, Fort Lauderdale Beach

The neon sign belies the lovely, upscale interior.

The folks at Dine Out Lauderdale invited me to dine at Spazio last night. Having never been there, I was excited to try it. (It also helped that the restaurant is on Fort Lauderdale Beach and the weather was just about perfect – warm, with an . . . → Read More: Dine Out Lauderdale: Spazio, Fort Lauderdale Beach

Ireland’s Steakhouse

Bread, glorious bread!

We were recently invited to dine at Ireland’s Steakhouse in the Bonaventure Resort, as part of the Dine Out Fort Lauderdale program. I had never been to Ireland’s and have not been to the Bonaventure Resort in several years, so I was curious.

. . . → Read More: Ireland’s Steakhouse

Solo American Bistro, Key West

Solo American Bistro

Solo American Bistro is the latest incarnation in a spot that has housed numerous other establishments over the years. We finally decided to give it a try at the suggestion of friends, and with the promise that September is 50% off for locals.

. . . → Read More: Solo American Bistro, Key West

Eating (and drinking) Chicago, Part III

Plum and lavender donut.

I will say, for the record, I was content just having some deep dish pizza for lunch and skipping over breakfast entirely. My new cousin-in-law, not so much. (“OK, so we are going for pizza in the afternoon, but what are we doing for breakfast?“) This was on the heels . . . → Read More: Eating (and drinking) Chicago, Part III

Hot Tin Roof, Key West

Have you ever gone to a restaurant, looked at the menu and said to yourself “Hmmmm… this looks so good, I’ll have one of everything” ? Well, that is kind of what happened last week when I was invited to a blogger lunch at Hot Tin Roof, at the Ocean Key Resort in Key West. . . . → Read More: Hot Tin Roof, Key West

The Flaming Buoy, Key West, New Summer Menu

It is summer, and you know what that means: the snowbirds have gone, the sun is (supposed to be) shining and it is time for summer specials to start popping up at restaurants. Nine one five has half off wines all summer (I’ll be reviewing soon!), Cafe Marquesa has two courses for $22 and, most . . . → Read More: The Flaming Buoy, Key West, New Summer Menu

End of Season

Just a small sampling of the humongous buffet

Sunday night brought one of the most loved parties of the year in Key West: Azur’s annual End Of Season Closing Party. They will only be closed until the beginning of October, but that is no reason not to have a party. Plus, they need to use . . . → Read More: End of Season