Heat Wave

We have been having record heat here, much like the rest of the east coast. In fact it has been hotter in New York last week than in Florida. Floridians are supposed to be used to the heat. We have air conditioning and we are just supposed to deal with it. This is the price we pay for 70 degree winters.

A year ago we were looking to buy a home in Key West. It was sweltering. We really only looked to see if places had air conditioner, not what type of A/C it actually is. In the year of living with window units I have learned quite a bit about the differences.

  • When you have central air, you also have heat. Usually unimportant to me, but when it is 57 degrees indoors in January, I wished I had taken a closer look at my A/C situation
  • However, window units create “white noise” which means at 5AM Saturday mornings, I don’t have to hear the recycling truck.
  • Both cool well, assuming you have the right size unit for your home, but with central air, you can actually set the temperature for various times of day.
  • Central air cools the whole house, while window units can be turned off and on depending on what room you are in, thus saving some energy costs.

Either way, I am just glad to have something to cool my home. Come winter, once again, I will be longing for central air, or at least something with heat.

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