Dave and Buster’s, Hollywood, FL

What a fun crowd!
What a fun crowd!

The last time I was at Dave and Buster’s was a while ago, and I don’t recall much about the food, either. So, when we were invited back, after their recent renovation I was definitely curious. 3 Loud Women and our husbands descended on D&B on a quiet Tuesday evening. The general manager welcomed us and gave us a tour of the recent upgrades before he sat us down for dinner.

The sports lounge is truly impressive. Nice leather seating, pool tables, loads of big screen TVs (I am pretty sure I heard something

2 of the 3 Loud Women with one of our fabulous hosts for the evening!

about a 90″ LCD) and plenty of space to dine and drink while enjoying the game. We sat down to eat and the menu is just overwhelming. There are tons of choices, and there is something for everybody.

I enjoyed the watermelon margarita, and although it was a tad too sweet, with a squeeze of lime it was perfect. The second one was even better. (Plus, it is roughly the same shade of pink as my new hair streaks, so that is always fun). The appetizers included a giant platter of shareable, well, everything – chicken wings,

Those delicious potato thingys!

quesadillas, pretzel wrapped hot dogs, loads of potato chips, and some fried shrimp. I thought this was sufficient for the table, but the others also added to the list: mini Philly cheesesteaks (which apparently taste like Steak Ummms. I have no frame of reference for that), edamame (because we need something moderately healthy) and the manager thought we should try the potato poppers, little friend balls of fluffy potato with parmesan cheese on top. He was right, they were outstanding, and strangely addictive.

For entrees, at our table there were tacos, burgers, fire roasted salmon, the biggest salad I have ever seen

The biggest salad I have ever seen.

and a pasta dish with some sort of lobster Alfredo topped with steak. Everyone enjoyed the food. My one complaint is that the portions are just too gigantic. I understand that is not really a complaint, but I tend to get overwhelmed with that much food at once.  I know most people would disagree with me. On the other hand, the quality and taste were both very, very good.

Watermelon margaritas!

Just when I thought I could not consume another morsel, my friends ordered desserts. Bananas foster pie and a chocolate fondue. Both were were very good as well.

After all that food we needed to move around again, so we headed back to the game area and had loads of fun playing basketball (which I totally suck at), air hockey (not much better), skee ball (OK, I was the only one that did that, largely because it is about the only thing in my skill set in the gaming arena) and some interactive, 4 person Pac Man (I prefer the original table model).

We had a great evening, but the pressing question is always: Would I go back? Absolutely. It is a great place

FKGuy is looking very serious during this racing game....

to have a party, watch a game or even have a corporate event.

Dave and Buster’s is located in Oakwood Plaza, off Sheridan Street and I-95 in Hollywood, FL.

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