It’s 2016. A new year, new resolutions, right? No. Goals, yes. Resolutions, not so much. Now that the holidays are in our rear view mirror, and the moments of cheese souffles (of course I made them) and tipsy chocolate cherry cake are behind us, it is time to hunker down. Here are a few of my goals… what are yours? Leave a comment below and let me know.

In no particular order:

  1. Renew the relationship with my frienemy, the Paleo Diet. The idea of significantly less cheese is rather disturbing, but so are the extra ten pounds I am schlepping around. Plus, I’ll be spending 16 days on a Seabourn ship this spring, so I better lose it now before I am faced with those breadsticks again.
  2. It is time to make peace with my Outlook inbox. I know it will never be empty, and I am going to accept that. But I will also vow to remove myself from as many superfluous email lists as possible. I’m looking at you, Sports Authority and Overstock. I know where you are when I need you.
  3. Work on my singles tennis game. This past week I renamed my friend Pauline. Pauline is now her middle name. Her new first name is Jesus, because after nearly every point, after I had run my butt off and still lost the point, I was shouting “Jesus, Pauline!” I need to up my game, in a big way.
  4. Say yes more often. Like most everyone else on earth, I get caught up in work, social plans, meetings, events, errands and the sometimes overwhelming task of simply getting everything done in a day. Lately this has made me reluctant to say yes, and attend anything beyond what is an absolute must. No more. I am going to say yes, and generally be more social. Sleep, be damned.

What are you looking forward to doing differently in 2016?