Hair Gel Conspiracy

Who would think that something as inconsequential as hair gel would be a problem? Well, apparently it is. I use one of the most popular brands of hair care products on the market, Garnier Fructis. Why? They are really quite good. Plus, they are inexpensive. Win – win. Unless, of course, you have to travel.

I recently scoured the aisles of Target for a travel size hair gel. They have the matching shampoo and conditioner, so why would they not expand the product line to include a two ounce gel? Yes, I understand that the 6.8 ounce gel only costs $4, and the tiny one would probably be about $2, but that doesn’t matter.

The TSA has decided that my hair gel is a matter of national security and therefore I can only have three ounces. That would not be a problem if one of the most popular hair care companies put their products in cute, green carry-on friendly sizes. But, in order for me to have gel in carry-on friendly size, I needed to either buy a brand I was unfamiliar with (only future photos will tell if the new gel works as well…) or get myself a little container and scoop some of the gooey mess of a product into it, hoping that it doesn’t dry out en route.

While I despise the inane rules eliminating the possibility of ever properly grooming while on vacation, I do have to live by them. Or drive. I’ll take the inane rules. But, please, Loreal, I am begging you… please put my gel in handy carry on containers. I promise not to complain about the exorbitant price I must pay for such a luxury.

I feel a bit like George Banks (you remember him, right? Played by Steve Martin in Father of the Bride), when he was sent on the seemingly simple mission of going to the store to pick up something for dinner. He bought hot dogs and buns, removing the superfluous buns from the packaging because he didn’t want to pay for more buns than he needed. He was ultimately hauled off to jail. I have a vision of myself emptying a few ounces of gel in the security line…“even though the package says 6 ounces, there is really only 2 in there…” Nope, I’d better avoid prison. That would be a crappy way to start vacation.


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