Mango Daiquiris

Imagine yourself on a tropical vacation… it usually involves a frosty beverage and a beach or pool, right? Well, summer is upon us and so it is officially Frosty Beverage and Pool season. I love every minute of it. It started when a neighbor brought over a bag of mangoes.

It was about twenty small, but delicious little fruits. He left saying “I’m coming back tomorrow with more.” And he did. Another full bag of delicious, juicy fruits. What is a person to do with so many mangoes? Another neighbor made mango salsa and mango sorbet when we were at their house for dinner. But I really didn’t feel like cooking. So, I made a blender full of mango daiquiris.

Mangoes filled the blender about half full, juice of one lime, a splash of simple syrup, ice and a heavy-handed pour of rum. A little whirl of the blender later, they were totally delicious and I felt like I actually got a serving of fruit in, too. So, the next day (when the next bag of mangoes arrived) friends came over and more daiquiris were happening.

Last week, someone in FKGuy’s office brought him several mangoes (I’m not sure what about us says “Please give us your mangoes“, but it keeps happening, much to my delight). So when our visitors from Fort Lauderdale arrived for happy hour, they came over to find a blender full of mango daiquiri. These mangoes were so sweet, I didn’t realize until after the fact that I forgot to add the simple syrup. ¬†Nonetheless, they were delicious.

The fruity daiquiri seems to be my drink of summer, and will probably last well into the fall. If you find yourself having company and at a loss for what to serve, I highly recommend tossing some fruit, ice and rum in the blender. It will undoubtedly be delicious. But have some sparkling wine, or other drink on hand so you don’t have to make pitcher after pitcher of blended drinks. Slaving away takes some of the fun out of it.