Key West Food and Wine Festival: Duval Uncorked

Leather Masters always has something interesting to see.
Leather Masters always has something interesting to see.

I have often said it is the most fun you can have on Duval Street. Part of the annual Key West Food and Wine Festival, Duval Uncorked is a wine tasting encompassing wine bars, art galleries, shops, restaurants and food trucks up and down the infamous Key West street. This year it was set up a bit differently (and many, myself included, would argue that it was better.) 

2015 was billed as Duval Uncorked: Deconstructed. Just wine. Now, there were also several stops that had food, much to the delight of the participants. I have been volunteering for the festival for quite a few years, and this year spent a lot of time in the Hospitality Suite. As such, I encountered many festival goers ahead of time, so it was great to see familiar faces, and to see everyone enjoying themselves.

There were some highlights to the stroll, for sure. I am not sure I can cover them all in one post, but I will give you a few:

  • Key West Local Luxuries – this is a new and charming boutique with an eclectic selection and good pricing. I am not much of a shopper, but even I had to make a purchase (it was an awesome bracelet, and it was at the beginning of the stroll, so alcohol was not a factor in my purchase!) Oh, there were about four different wines, too.
  • Leather Master – someone is always sporting the shops goods outside.
  • Impossible Beads – I had no idea this shop was even here. I’ll be back. Next door is a fabulous pottery shop. (Note to self: next time I need gifts, be sure to stop in.)
  • DJs Clam Shack – their popularity soared after being featured on Diners, Drives Ins and Dives, but that doesn’t stop them from going all out for the festival. In addition to wine they served their famous clams with jalapenos, and a clam chowder. It is no wonder people lingered for a while at DJs.
  • Cayo Mexican Cantina – one of the latest Key West food trucks, Cayo serves up Mexican food with a South African twist, and it works. They also served samples of one of their pork dishes (I couldn’t tell you which one as I didn’t try it. Everyone else seemed to enjoy!)
  • Green World Gallery, South Pointe Gallery and Alan Maltz Gallery each provided great surroundings to enjoy a glass of wine.
  • Vino’s on Duval and Grand Vin both served good wines (as one might hope)
  • Finally, the Southermost Pointe Guest House served as an end point (or a starting point for some) and the folks there were gracious enough to allow revelers to sit and linger for a while before moving on their next event.

I would say it was a huge success overall, and a lot of fun. If you have never been to Duval Uncorked, you are going to need to check it out next year. The dates for the 2016 festival are January 27 – 31, and tickets will go on sale in November. As usual, I should have a discount code available for you in the weeks before the tickets go on sale.

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