100 Calories (and a Chobani Coupon for You)

In the weeks leading up to our vacation, I tried to be good about my eating. Really. I exercised as much as possible, which was, sadly, not quite enough. I avoided fried foods and carbs, at least in theory. So when the folks at Chobani sent over this graphic (and a coupon, scroll to the end), I started thinking about what 100 calories meant to me.

The fantasy: Calorie, shmalorie. Calories don’t matter. I can eat whatever I want and still look amazing!

The reality: On our current cruise,  every breadstick is roughly 100 calories. Every. Single. Breadstick. Given that I can eat them by the dozen, that doesn’t bode well for getting on the scale when I get back. You can expect a lot of posts about eating fruit, and flax seeds, and yogurt.

I wonder how many calories I will burn sitting by the pool sipping Champagne? Never mind. I will just have to lift weights for four hours per day. And that is just to burn off the breadsticks. I’ll need many additional hours on the treadmill just for the Champagne. I’m exhausted just thinking about it.


To get your Chobani coupon, click here.