A Bit of Humor

Very few things surprise me. Every once in a while someone does something so egregious that it is shocking, but more often than not, things are just funny (like the woman who wore three not-s0-strategically placed drug store bows to Fantasy Fest). That was it. Three bows and some thigh highs. It was not a good look. But was it shocking? No. It was pretty darn funny, in fact.

There are an abundance of websites that have funny signs, photos of Wal-Mart shoppers, and any number of other humorous images. Several nights ago at a restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, I noticed this sign on the front door, and I will admit, I did find it rather surprising:

These days, the people need to be told to silence their cell phones in theaters, movies and on airplanes. I would think that people would know proper behavior. I would be wrong. But to have to be told to not have a conversation on speakerphone while sitting at a restaurant? That’s just too much. Really. I like eavesdropping, probably more than most people, but listening to a conversation on speakerphone? That takes all the fun out of it. You leave nothing to the imagination. I am much happier with you talking on an actual phone so I can make up my own version of what is going on on the other end. I’m sure my version makes your life much more interesting than it actually is.