Healthy Eating?

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I like eating healthily as much as the next person, although you wouldn’t always know it from my current regimen of eating out. Hey, I’m busy. I’ve been moving, trying (and failing) to exercise more post knee surgery, working and generally running in ten directions at once. I know, I’m just like everybody else. The point is, sometimes this always-on-the-go stuff leads me to eat junk food (again, just like everybody else).

I have tried (with much success) recently to buy healthier foods – no high fructose corn syrup, no Splenda, no other artificial sweeteners. So, it was with interest that I was watching Padma Lakshmi on The Balancing Act last week.

Padma is terrific, although I am a bit jealous of her ability to eat whatever she wants and stay super skinny (at least that is how it looks on TV). Last week she was on top of a billboard in Times Square talking about Frito-Lay’s commitment to making healthier snack foods. They seem to have committed to create many of their foods using natural ingredients by the end of the year.

But how will they taste? Padma promises bar-b-q chips as good as the original versions. She promises they have a test kitchen, not a lab producing flavors and new foods.

Will Frito Lay start the trend of huge food companies making things we actually want to eat, that are healthy? I can only hope so. Although, I do not think that “all-natural ingredients” means “eat as many as you want, they are truly good for you.”

What are your favorite snacks – healthy or not? (Coming soon: Key West Guilty Pleasures).

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