I Scream, You Scream…

One of the great perks of my job is that I sometimes get offered free stuff. Of course, it is usually stuff that has no relevance to me, and I am not interested. But the other day, when I got an email from the people at Blue Bell Ice Cream asking if I’d like to sample their new Mint Cookies and Cream ice cream, I could not hit reply fast enough. 

It was all my favorite words crammed into one sentence: Mint, Cookies, Ice Cream, Samples. They scheduled a delivery for Friday. My father-in-law, visiting from Virginia, accepted the delivery and immediately emailed us about it, as we were en route home. FKGuy read the email aloud (after he stopped hyperventilating from laughing so hard). Our conversation went like this:

FKGuy: My dad got the ice cream.

Me: MMMmmmmmm…. can’t wait to get home.

FKGuy: He says it is four and a half gallons

Me: WHAT? Even I can’t eat that much ice cream. And where is it going to go?

(I then lamented not having a secondary freezer) Our freezer is pretty full.

As it turned out, it was four half gallon containers of ice cream (which is way different than four and a half gallons), but still a whole lot of ice cream. The good news? Well, for one thing having too much ice cream is not bad news… but the new flavor, Mint Cookies and Cream, is outstanding. Although it is the tell-tale minty green, it is really, really good. There are both cream filled cookies and chocolate chips all in the same flavor.

I did share some, so I’m pretty sure mine will be gone soon. You’ll need to go get your own.