Forecast is Gloomy

The past several weeks have been nothing but rain, or so it seems. You know why it seems that way? Because they have been nothing but rain. It is a topic of conversation at all times. (“My god! I have never seen this much rain in the thirty/sixty/eighteen years I have lived here.”) Photos get posted online, and on the news, of flooding in Key West. All of South Florida has been under water for weeks (and I don’t mean that in a housing-market-crash sort of way. I mean literally under water.)

Babka has not had a decent walk (which is fine, she is totally lazy), it is near impossible to leave the house without getting bitten by at least fifty four bugs, and it is just depressing.

On the other hand, our winters make the rest of the country green with envy, so I will stop complaining now and try to get outside for a little while. Here’s hoping the weekend is not a total washout.

Have a great weekend, wherever you are!

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