Southernmost Beach Cafe: Update (Not in a good way)

Tuna should not be grey around the edges, or anywhere else

I hardly ever re-review someplace I have been. Why bother? You already know all about it, and how many times can I rave about the food at the same place? But there are times when I need to update. Usually because (a) something new or interesting is going on, or (b) a previously good (or bad) place is now not good (or bad).  

Later in the week, I will be talking about The Flaming Buoy and their awesome new summer menu, but today I have to go with option b. After weeks of rain, we ventured out to the “First Friday” wine tasting at the Cork and Stogie, got caught up with some friends and eventually decided we needed dinner. Southernmost Beach Cafe seemed like a good choice, as we had eaten there before and it was quite good, and we thought a few appetizers should do the trick. We did not need a full meal. (This is fortunate, as we really only ended up with a few bites.)

We sat at the uncrowded bar and ordered drinks and some food. Service was, at best, indifferent. Given that there were exactly four other people there, I expected better. A sad, somewhat grey sliced tuna passed for the seared tuna appetizer, mussels were sandy (they went well beyond “gritty”), and coconut shrimp were fine. When the bartender came over to see how things are, I said “It seems ok, but the tuna…” In between “ok” and “but” she turned around and walked away never to be bothered by dealing with us again until she brought a check, again, not bothering to inquire about the largely untouched food.

Could I have complained to a manager? Sure. Did I feel like dealing with someone else who may not give a damn, either? Nope. I was tired and wanted to go home. It does leave me wondering… was the really good meal we had there a fluke? Or was this the fluke? Or is the real food/service somewhere in the middle? At any rate, I am not in a hurry to go back and find out.

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