The Every Two Year Pizza Quest

Just a little insight into the madness...
Just a little insight into the madness…

This weekend we are headed to Chicago, for the every-other-year Cellar Diminishment Party. As always, we are looking forward to seeing old friends, making new ones, and drinking some good wines. Naturally, the trip must include some Chicago deep dish pizza.

Our eating tour is set up like this: Stefania wine tasting Thursday evening (dinner TBD – any suggestions for me?); lunch Friday at Blackbird; dinner Friday at Picoolo Sogno Due, followed by drinks at The Aviary; lunch Saturday at Pequod’s for deep dish pizza. I have decided that it is helpful to have the heavy, doughy, filling pizza before strolling into a party with 150 bottles of wine open.

Historically, the parties have been amazing, and Chicago has been pretty cold in August – at least for this Floridian. Will this year be any different? It remains to be seen. Stay tuned net week for the recap of the pizza, party and other Chicago dining. Meanwhile, you can whet your appetite by reliving the last trip with me:

The Pizza

The Party

More Chicago Food. 9