What if?

What if I won the lottery? That is a hypothetical that I have discussed many times, with many different people. It seems that everyone has a different idea of what they would do first with the money. Many people like fancy cars. I am not one of those people. In fact, I had my last car for eight years, and hope to have my current car even longer than that.

I am not terribly interested in buying fancy jewelry, either. But, I will tell you that I would do more to enjoy my time. One of the most dreadful things about traveling today is the airport – from people feeling you up, to basically undressing in the security line, it is unpleasant, to say the least. So one of the things I would most certainly do, if I could, would be to have anĀ on demand charter plane.

I have been on a private plane once, and it was glorious. Not only was it beautiful, but it was, above all else, easy. We drove up to the plane, got on and took off. It was so civilized. It made me forget, for just a moment, how awful my next commercial flight would be. No nasty announcements, no pushing and fighting for overhead bin space, really nothing to do but relax and enjoy the ride.

As I was having this conversation with FKGuy the other day, in our hypothetical world he wondered if it would not just be easier to fly commercial and go first class. Then I reminded him that if we had a private plane, (a) we could go when we want and (b) we could take the dog. Now, if only this were my reality…

So, if money were no object, what would be your priority?

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