Keep Laughing… No Matter What

I really should have gotten the camera out sooner.
I really should have gotten the camera out sooner.

In the spirit of “anything that can go wrong, will…” I began my visit to my friend’s mom in the hospital with a trip to a local florist. They had a total of 4 arrangements pre-made, two of them heavy with carnations. The third one had begun wilting. None was particularly interesting. “OK, I’ll take that one.”  “Are you sure?” “Well, it is the only choice, right? Aside from the carnations and the wilted one.” The good news, it is was a lovely arrangement, and it smelled good, too. 

After a short visit at the hospital, I was tasked with (a) taking my friend to lunch and (b) helping her secure a recliner from the medical supply store, so that her mom might actually be able to be comfortable. I admit that the first task was, in fact, at my own insistence, but it still needed to happen. You can’t really face nurses, doctors, hospital smells and medical supply stores on an empty stomach. Well, not successfully, anyway. Unfortunately, we did it backwards, so everything happened on an empty stomach. But it was easy to keep laughing through the mishaps.

Medical supply stores are kind of fascinating. I mean, who knew that 4 prong canes came in a multitude of floral patterns? Or that eye patches are significantly less expensive than at costume shops? But none of these points were vital to our mission. We had but one task: rent a recliner.

We found the perfect one. It was beige micro-velvet, comfortable and electric. Minor issue: That is not the one they rent. The one they rent is huge and brown and vinyl, and most importantly, unavailable for a month. On the upside, the beige one was a floor model, for sale and delivered the same day. Big win.

With the impending recliner delivery, we needed to make some space. As it turns out, swivel chairs in slippery fabric are extraordinarily hard to move. After my friend and I, both reasonably strong, competent women both got behind the chair (which was firmly nestled into the carpet) and pushed with all of our might and nothing happened, we needed a plan B. Sitting on the floor laughing uncontrollably was not going to get the furniture out of the way. Once again, with every ounce of strength we could muster (while still laughing) we managed to get the chair on its back and roll it across the house. As if it were a giant, slippery, not-so-tasty donut. Or a big, sticky ball of dough trying to beat a world record for least maneuverable dough (or chair) on earth.

We managed to move the chair, and some other furniture, and not throw out either of our backs. Oh, and the recliner was delivered before the patient returned from the hospital. Another big win.