Happy Birthday, Florida Keys Guy

Babka says "Happy Birthday!"
Babka says “Happy Birthday!”

Today we celebrate FKGuy’s birthday. Happy 42nd birthday! While we do a pretty good job of celebrating and enjoying life on a regular basis, today we’ll have an extra celebration. When I asked where he wanted to go for dinner, FKGuy requested that we stay home and have a few friends over. So that is exactly what we are doing.

We will celebrate with an Italian themed dinner, and on the menu for tonight:

  • Assorted Italian cheeses
  • Tapenade served in endive leaves
  • Caprese salad with pesto dressing
  • Pasta cacio e pepe (quite possibly one of our favorite, yet simple dishes of pasta with grated cheese and pepper. Tonight’s version has 3 cheeses, diet be damned.)
  • Roasted grouper with Livornese sauce, and assorted roasted vegetables
  • We’ll finish the meal with chocolate mousse shots and individual apple pies.

Wine is yet to be determined, but will also be Italian. We are looking forward to a wonderful evening with friends, family and good food. Photos to come next week.