Creature of Habit

It is hard to believe that anyone could resist these delicious brownies!
It is hard to believe that anyone could resist these delicious brownies!

Each one of us is, to a degree, a creature of habit. We order the same thing again and again at our favorite restaurants, we go to the same places for gas and groceries. It is comforting. This past weekend, I realized just how much we like to keep things the same.

We drove from Hollywood to Key West and stopped at Keys Fisheries for lunch.  Since we are mostly on the anti-carb bandwagon (bah, humbug!) and my father-in-law proclaimed that he was going to be good, even though he was on vacation, three out of four of us had a grilled mahi-mahi Cesar salad. Of course it was delicious, as everything at Keys Fisheries usually is. It kicked off the weekend of the mahi Cesar salad.

By the next night, at The Flaming Buoy, while I was enjoying a nice piece of fish in a red curry sauce, my father-in-law ordered the Cesar salad, and then a piece of mahi-mahi, so not the same dish, but kind of… By day three, FKGuy was sick and not eating anything, so we decided to order in dinner. Care to guess the order? Yep, mahi Cesar salads (from The Flaming Buoy.) I’d like to say that it ends there, but I would be lying.

The next day, as we were driving north through the Keys, we stopped at the Pilot House in Key Largo for lunch. I enjoyed a Greek salad topped with mahi, my mother-in-law enjoyed the mahi basket (and had high remarks for the cole slaw, too!) Care to guess what my father-in-law had? Hint: he continued the trend. The good news is there was ample room for comparison, and all three salads fared well, scoring high marks.

I should point out that this was a really fun weekend, and despite poking some fun at the all-mahi-salad-all-the-time ordering, I am completely impressed with how good about dieting he was. No desserts (even when I made absurdly yummy brownies), nothing fried, just simple salads and fish. I need to take a page out of that book, and quit cheating and eating other people’s pasta.