Honeymoon Beach, St. John

Three years ago, while aboard the Seabourn Quest, we stopped in St. John, in the U.S. Virgin Islands. With no agenda, we set off on a hiking trail that promised good views, Honeymoon Beach, and possibly some donkeys. What could be better? As it turns out, nothing. (Alas, we only saw evidence of donkeys, no real animals.)

We did not realize that there were, in fact, two trails: the upper Lind Point trail, and the lower. Not knowing we had an easier option, we took the upper Lind Point trail and set off on our hike. The 1.1 mile trail took us past a scenic overlook, past Solomon Bay and finally, to our destination, Honeymoon Beach. In 2012 we were the only people on the beach. By the time we left, only a handful of others had shown up. The only way to reach this exquisite stretch of sand and crystal clear water is via hiking trail or boat.

We enjoyed our time so much that on our next trip to St. John, in 2013, we planned the same day. Unfortunately for us, Mother Nature did not cooperate, and it rained all day.

Last week, while aboard the Celebrity Reflection with friends and family for Thanksgiving, we docked in St. Thomas. My original plan was to take a catamaran to Honeymoon Beach, and I booked the excursion the moment we got on the ship. The next day, we received notice that our excursion had been cancelled. Now what? We booked a ferry to St. John, with an island cruise.

As it turned out, the island cruise aboard a sad, gray enclosed boat, was not worthwhile, but we still had several hours of free time on the island. So, we gathered our friends and the six of us went for a hike to Honeymoon Beach. Fortunately, this time I spotted the sign for the lower Lind Point trail, and we were able to save ourselves a lot of climbing. (This was particularly helpful as our friends had stopped for a cocktail before setting out on the hike. Nobody wanted to spill their beverage while enjoying nature.)

After a chorus of “are we there yet?” we arrived at Honeymoon Beach to find several catamarans, several people, yet no crowds, and the clearest water I have ever seen. The beach was so clear, that as we were enjoying our time in the warm Caribbean, we noticed a fish. Then a blob, following the fish. Upon closer inspection, the blob came into focus and we saw it was a stingray, swimming after the fish in search of food.

FKGuy and I had built this beach up to be the greatest place on earth, and fortunately, our friends were not disappointed. We frolicked in the water, enjoyed the gloriously sugary sand, and finally headed back to Cruz Bay to grab lunch before boarding the ferry back to St. Thomas. On our cruise, there was no shortage of eating and drinking (more on that later in the week), and I swore there was no need for me to eat lunch that day. As it turns out, hiking, playing in the water and luxuriating on the sand can build up quite an appetite.

Next year, we are planning the same cruise itinerary on a sister ship. I will, undoubtedly, be back at Honeymoon Beach.



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