Made 2 Order, Tavernier, Florida

The Florida Keys enjoy an abundance of seafood, laid-back charm, and beautiful scenery. It is not difficult to find a roadside restaurant with fantastic water views and Made 2 Order is no different. The inside is small, old, and not terribly inviting. The back patio, however, boasts a peaceful canal view.

We still had a two-hour drive ahead of us, so the lack of liquor license at the restaurant did not bother us, but should you enjoy a boozy beverage with your meal, note that you’ll need to bring it with you. But this is a breakfast joint and is only open until 3 PM, so plan accordingly.

After our visit, I had heard about the awful service. Ours was not the best, but it was all right. Our food took a little while to come out of the kitchen, but we were relaxed, and enjoying the beautiful weather, and didn’t mind at all.

The majority of the menu is breakfast: eggs, omelets, French toast, and pancakes. Instead, we chose a couple of lunch options. Overall, it was very good. We started with a fried shrimp appetizer, served with chili sauce. The dish was good, not great, but really how bad could the fried shrimp (or anything) be? They were fine.

FKGuy tried the mahi fajitas, served taco style, while I ordered the dolphin melt. The fajitas were fresh and tasty, and FKGuy enjoyed them immensely. My dolphin melt, a sandwich of blackened dolphin with sauteed onions and Swiss cheese on rye bread, was outstanding. A fresh piece of fish smothered in onions and cheese on toast is a fabulous indulgence. Both lunches came with a heaping pile of fries.

Our lunch was enjoyable, and while there are better restaurants in the Keys, I would certainly stop back in for a good breakfast or lunch. Made 2 Order is at mile marker 90.6, on the ocean side.