Please Lock The Door

So, there I was, driving south on the Overseas Highway, from Fort Lauderdale to Key West. Somewhere around mile marker 94, I decide to pull into a gas station, use the bathroom and get a beverage. I stroll into the mini mart and find my way to the bathroom, which I promptly try and open (I did have to go, you see).

Just as a small girl of about 6 or 7 years old says “There’s someone in there”, I open the door to see a woman in a bright blue lace thong with her jeans around her ankles. She stares at me as if I am the nearly nude one here. Was I supposed to have knocked on the off chance that someone was in the bathroom and did not understand the concept of a lock? Turns out, the lock on the door works perfectly, she simply opted not to use it.

Here’s the lesson folks: when using a public bathroom, or pretty much any bathroom not in your own home, please lock the door. Other people do not need to know that you wear blue lace thongs.