IMG_0194 Danger Charters does a sunset sail every night. “So what?” you may say, “so do a hundred other companies.” Well, maybe not quite a hundred in Key West, but there are many, indeed. So what’s so great about Danger?

The sailboat, Danger’s Prize, is lovely. They only take up to 25 people per sailing, so the crowd is intimate. Every evening they do a wine tasting on the sunset sail. (Now are you getting the point?) We went on this boat as part of the Key West Food and Wine Festival. They serve about 8-10 wines per night, and they change often. The crew is happy to refill your glass as often as possible, and with two crew members dedicated to being bartenders, that is pretty darn frequent. Have no fear, they also provide snacks.

While on the boat, I was naturally talking to a bunch of people around me. On a boat of 25 people I met someone who knew a friend of mine in Vermont (for years) and someone else who lived in the same building in New York as I did several years ago. What are the odds?

The funny thing about these types of multi-day festivals, you end up seeing the same people over and over again. Like the guy who didn’t realize that you should lock the door in a public restroom (I only ran into him in the bathroom once. All other times were at perfectly acceptable places).