Shaken or Stirred? Fried or Grilled?

IMG_0192We have many choices in every day life: regular or decaf? Would you like fries with that? To stay or to go? It goes on all day. Most of us like having some choices, it makes us feel like we have control over our lives by managing the little things that go on.

Recently, on the drive from Hollywood to Key West with my parents, we decided to stop for lunch at Islamorada Fish Company. I hadn’t been there for years, because my last visits have not been memorable. My parents thought it was a good idea, so off we go.

Apparently we have very bad timing. We got there right after a tour bus arrived and 46 people were seated. We were told that instead of waiting (which clearly was not happening) we could go to the alternate restaurant above the store, Zane Grey’s. Fabulous.The place is small and has a very Tommy Bahama feel to it (in a good way).

We were seated, with beverages, and began to order. Then we left. Why? Because when I ordered the Caesar salad with fish on top, blackened instead of fried, they refused, saying they only make things the way they are on the menu. Although they had a blackened tuna on the menu, somehow they refused to blacken the mahi. Nor would they grill fish for a sandwich – only fried. It was quite odd, and makes me wonder if everything is prepared ahead of time and nothing cooked to order. Why else would they be so rigid? The story has a happy ending, as we left there and drove to Keys Fisheries in Marathon, which is always fresh, prepared to order and delicious. Fortunately we got there before the tour bus (really).

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