It’s Snowing in Utah

…and this is largely why I live in Florida. It is not even Thanksgiving yet, and the west is buried under a blanket of the fluffy, white stuff. When I lived in New York City it went like this: Day 1, Snow; pretty much everything shuts down. Day 2, everyone enjoys the snow; people are friendly and happy and talk about how wonderful the snow is; they don’t even care about the mass transit delays. Day 3, snow starts melting; there is a little path carved through the snow to cross the street; people are pushing and shoving to get through; the snow turns black… and yellow. Today, while my friends in the west were wearing scarves and gloves, I spent several hours in the glorious sun at Bayview Park playing tennis. After three sets, I had enough, so Florida Keys Guy and I picked up a picnic and spent another few glorious hours at Fort Zachary Taylor Park.  Today was particularly lovely, as the park was not too crowded so I could sit and enjoy reading a book in the shade, under the pine trees, or a few feet away in the sun.

This is the time of year when snowbirds come back, the town starts getting crowded again and there is always something fun going on. It is nice to have a day to enjoy the perfect, cloudless sky with no agenda and nothing to do. Plus, it is a good reminder of why I live here.