Coco Asian Bistro, Fort Lauderdale

Coco Asian Bistro is nestled comfortably in the Harbor Shops off of 17th Street in Fort Lauderdale. An unassuming storefront, the decor inside is quite soothing with dark woods and fabrics. If you go, be sure to request one of the booths, which despite not having so much legroom, are quite cozy. I have been here several times and always have good service. But the food is the real reason people come to Coco.

The menu is extensive with a whole page of appetizers, an extensive sushi menu and traditional and not-so-traditional entrees. They have an extensive selection of fresh fish and seafood, as well.

All of the food is good here. As you would expect, the Pad Thai here is delicious. The lettuce wrap appetizer is as big as a whole meal, and is full of flavor. But the sushi is really outstanding. Ever since my bad break up with Ambrosia in Key West, I find myself always wanting sushi. It is a little silly, really.

We had Mike’s roll, which is tuna, spinach, asparagus, avocado, and cucumber surrounded by black sticky rice topped with sweet chili sauce. I don’t know who Mike is, but he deserves a hearty thank you. It is one yummy roll. We also had a salmon roll and spicy tuna roll. It is so great to go to a restaurant that doesn’t slather their spicy tuna rolls in mayo. They use kimchi sauce and skip the gooey, fattening, unnecessary stuff that I often find myself scraping off of an otherwise good roll.

Overall, Coco Asian Bistro is a lovely choice for good Asian food. Is it super traditional? Nope. Can you get a $4 order of fried rice? Not so much. But you can have a good quality meal in a very nice setting, which is often hard to come by. They also allow corkage for $15/bottle.

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