I spend a lot of time wearing workout clothes. Don’t judge me. There are many reasons for this. 1) I exercise a lot.  OK, not that much, but enough to warrant a full workout wardrobe. 2) They stretch, and I am carrying around a few extra pounds, so they are the only pants that really fit me. 3) Lululemon clothes rock. Seriously. You’d wear exclusively Lulu if you could, too. Flat seams, no chafing… Amazing. And this is where the problem began.


Last week I awoke at the ungodly hour of 5:30-ish. Heavy on the “ish” as there are generally many snoozes involved. I had gone to bed about 11:00 PM, which may be acceptable for some, but I need my nine hours of sleep to feel truly good in the morning. Yes, nine hours, which I rarely get. I got up, showered and dressed, drove FKGuy to his office and went to a business meeting, which started about 7:00 AM. My day continued fairly normally, going to see a client (and planning fabulous shore excursions for her upcoming cruise), errand running, working some more and then getting my act together to make the mainland-to-Monroe drive south. Just to be clear: by “getting my act together” I mean loading up anything that needs to go in the car and generally running around like a crazed chicken with it’s head cut off.

I drove until we hit Marathon, when I gleefully turned over the wheel to FKGuy. I answered some emails, made some plans for the weekend and started relaxing. It was somewhere around mile marker 22 that I started to laugh uncontrollably, much to FKGuy’s confusion. I had recapped my day for him, including details like “I was getting ready and I went to put my cell phone in my pocket – I swore these pants had pockets…” and “while I was in my meeting I was wondering, fortunately not aloud, why my pants were looking so shabby. Perhaps I wear them a little too often?”

As it turns out, my pants are in fine condition and they do have pockets. I would have known both of these things has I not been wearing them inside out for the past eleven hours. Yes, inside out. There was no tag to be a giveaway (although the pocket thing really should have clued me in). There were no big seams, as most of the Lululemon gear has flat, no chafe seams (see point 3 above), which are fabulous for running, but less helpful for simply getting dressed in the morning.

I was relaying this story to someone who works at the Lululemon store (yes, I was buying more flat seamed clothing, from the sale rack) and she was horrified. “You mean you wore those to a business meeting?” she asked completely at ease with the fact that I wore them inside out for an entire day.

My mother, however, was not only bothered by the fact that I wore my pants inside out, but that I was telling perfect strangers about it. I’m sure she is mortified that it is now public knowledge.

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