Key West Summer Dining Specials, Part 1

We always run into friends at Azur.

It’s summer. Each step into the sweltering heat reminds us that (a) it is time to seek air conditioning as often as possible and (b) summer dining specials are ramping up. Part b is the more interesting one to me. I will update you as the summer goes on, but for now, there are a couple of specials that are of interest.

Summer dining specials at Azur
Mix and match mezza are a great new addition to the menu.


Here is the thing about Azur: the food is great, ambiance is lovely, and service is always excellent. I eat there on a regular basis at full price. So, when I see they’ve got a deal going, you can bet I will be there as often as possible. This summer the fine folks at Azur are offering 50% off all food from 5:30 – 7 PM. That is any food item on the menu. Even specials. Plus, they have a fabulous new mix-and-match mezza section of the menu, with small plates (4 for $16). The catch? You need to be seated and place your order before 7 PM. It is worth eating early for this deal. (You can bet that I have already had many 6:30 PM reservations.) Oh, and be sure to reserve a table, because nothing brings the locals out like a killer deal.

Summer dining specials at The Flaming Buoy
The onion rings were nearly gone before I could snap a photo.

The Flaming Buoy

I have dinner at The Flaming Buoy about once a week, for several reasons, the food being the top of the list. From lobster mac and cheese to fresh fish, salads and creative desserts, they have it all. Add in a friendly staff and casual environment, and it is a recipe for success. Plus, they are extremely accommodating and can work with nearly every diet and allergy. I’ve got firsthand experience with that…

As for summer specials, how about half off bottles of wine. Included in the deal are all wines on the list, from the least expensive, easy drinking whites to the $120/bottle Amarone. The catch? You have to order an entree. Whatever. That is not so hard to do. After all, you are there for dinner. Go. Drink. Enjoy.

Summer dining specials at Pepe's
Delicious baked oysters at Pepe’s.


I wrote about the deal at Pepe’s last week after having been there for dinner for the first time. This is another time-sensitive deal, and is available from 5 – 7 PM, and you need to tell your server that you know about the deal (you are welcome). Half off entrees including steaks, fresh fish, and chicken prepared several different ways. The catch? You need to be there between 5 -7 PM and let them know that you know about the deal. Also, this deal is only valid on entrees, so appetizers, sides, and desserts are all still full price.


There will be more deals popping up throughout the summer, especially after July 4. But there is no need to wait to get in on some of these great specials. So get out there. Eat, drink, be merry, and save some cash.