On Vacation

I have big plans for my vacation this week, but don’t worry, I have saved up a couple of gems for your reading pleasure while I am away. Where am I going? I thought you’d never ask…

By the time you read this we will have already been to Chicago and undoubtedly enjoyed the biannual Cellar Diminishment Party. Yes, I have friends that have too much wine so he invites a bunch of us to his house every two years to help correct the problem. We tend to do a good job helping out.

Today, assuming all goes to plan, we’ll be flying from Chicago to Denver and then driving to Aspen. Good food, hiking, biking and fly fishing are on the agenda before we head to Boulder to visit some friends for more good food and good times, not necessarily in that order.

All in all, I hope to make it a relaxing week. I shall remain optimistic that my hair gel will work out okay and that my phone will cooperate. We’ll see.

I’ll be back with tales from the trip next week.

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