On The Road: The Innsbruck and Aspen Fly Fishing

On The Road with Florida Keys Girl is a new video series showcasing various people and places. Today’s feature is Aspen, Colorado. The Innsbruck in Aspen is a beautiful property. Each unit features a full kitchen (ours was complete with granite counter tops and slate floors), a steam shower, a washer and dryer and enough space to stay for a really long time.

The best thing about The Innsbruck, though, is the staff. For the four nights we were there, we encountered friendly, smiling people filled with good advice. Not to mention the biking gone bad bailout, that was way above and beyond the call of duty. See a glimpse here:





I caught one!

One of the most fun things to do in Aspen (besides eating, and you’ve already heard enough about that) is fly fishing. The fishing in and around Aspen is largely catch and release. Although I am not sure it is worth the effort if you don’t get dinner out of it, our experience was great. Scott, the fishing guide (the one in the video) was patient and a lot of fun.


We learned about casting, flies and the frustration of the one(s) that got away. You can see part of our day here:





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