Thai Spice, Fort Lauderdale

Bring on the peanut dressing.
There are really not that many good restaurants in Fort Lauderdale (There. I said it.) One of the most consistent ones is Thai Spice. If the opportunity presents itself, I may get to sneak in a civilized lunch with FKGuy once in a while, and we generally go there. On the last trip there the usual din of a crowded dining room was replaced by a few unfortunately loud talkers on either side of us.

Crispy, puffy, curried sweet potato things. Mmmmm...
Really, do we all need to hear your conversation? Nonetheless, the food and service are always good. The lunch menu is filled with all the favorites from the regular dinner menu, but everything comes with soup or salad (and the wonderful peanut dressing) and is, for the most part, $10-12 for a healthy portion.

We started with some crispy, puffy triangles of pastry filled with curried goodness, with a side of sweet, tangy sauce filled with cucumber and onion. The salads, although small, are always fresh. Plus, I’m sure the ginger dressing is good, but the peanut dressing is a sweet and savory, creamy, calorie-filled (I would imagine) bite of deliciousness.

The menu has everything you could possibly want: curries, sauteed dishes with choice of meat or shellfish or tofu, noodles and rice. I opted for the vegetable Pad Thai. Though not quite as good as the Thai Life (in Key West) version, this one is very, very tasty. It is loaded with vegetables from string beans to asparagus and broccoli, with whatever spice level you enjoy. I ordered it hot and it was not overly spicy, but very flavorful.

Pad Thai with loads of vegetables.
The Sam Rod is a sweet chili sauce with basil, a hint of spice (not even close to the “hot” ordered, but that is OK. We can always make it more spicy.) It is stir fried with cabbage and a few vegetables and served with rice. The sauce is divine.
Here is the other thing I love about Thai Spice: Although the charge more for brown rice, it is available. But for no additional charge (at least during lunch) you can get fried rice with egg. That is a good deal.

Thai Spice is a great choice

for lunch or dinner in Fort Lauderdale. Although dinner is on the pricey side, they only serve fresh fish and seafood.