Reason #26 Why I Love Key West

There are so many great things about life in Key West. I will come up with an entire list soon, but in the meantime, I will share one of the things that I love. It often feels like a very small town. 

Last week, FKGuy and I were going out to dinner and decided we would swing by lush bar for a quick glass of wine first. Upon our arrival, we immediately met our friends, who were there celebrating the sale of a house. Also there were the people buying the house. The proprietor  Mark, was also there joining us for a glass of wine.

So, a quick glass of wine became a two hour catching-up fest. When it was time for the bar to close, and us to head to dinner, our friends were debating where they were going and our conversation went like this:

FKGirl: I don’t know about you people, but we have reservations at Santiago’s. (It was still half off for locals!)

Friend: We were going to go there but decided to go to 2¢ instead.

FKGirl: Mmmm… Did you know they were closed this week?

Friend: Oh, well where are we going to go now?

So, I call Santiago’s and begged them to change our table for 2 to a table for 5. This was not an easy feat on a packed Monday night, but I persisted and we were accommodated. I can be very charming when necessary. I can also beg. It also helped that I agreed that we could squeeze in a too-small table, if needed.

We enjoyed a lovely meal with way too much food and way too much wine, and most of all, good friends. Most of all, I enjoyed the impromptu festive dinner.

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