Fantasy Fest 2012… Let the Craziness Begin

It is 2012 and the year of the A-Conch-Alypse, at least in Key West. Fantasy Fest kicks off tonight with the Coronation Ball and the announcement of the King and Queen. We are supporting Mar-Key for King.  Goombay Festival is also this weekend with a street fair and music all through Bahama Village.

There are events all week long. From the pink decorated bra fashion show (for charity, of course) to the Headdress ball, there is something for everybody. Babka has lobbied hard to not get paraded out in costume at the Pet Masquerade (on Wednesday), and I have obliged, but she will undoubtedly get dragged out in costume at some point throughout the week. There are costume contests of some sort throughout the week. Of course, my favorite event is always the Masquerade March. People gather, in costume, around the cemetery and march through the streets of Old Town, getting louder and progressively more drunk as the evening goes on. It is always a lot of fun.

The “big” parade is Saturday evening, and I am not sure I can handle the crowds for that one. We will see. Meanwhile, what are you dressing as this year? More importantly, FKGuy and I (read: I) are out of costume ideas. I am happily taking suggestions. Thoughts? I’m at a total loss this time. I NEED YOUR HELP!

Of course, look for photos coming after the festivities.

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