Did you think that just because I am a food and wine obsessed nut that I was talking about bulimia today? I hope not. That is far too serious a subject for me. I am talking about my closet. I spend a lot of time helping other people get rid of things, which makes doing it for myself far less appealing.

Nonetheless, sometimes it just has to happen. So I spent the weekend getting rid of stuff and “encouraged” (read: “forced”) FKGuy to do the same. There comes a point in time when you realize you just will never fit into those bright pink, size 4 stretch pants again. Those were given to a friend. Clothes that were bought as a mistake? Gone. Clothes that don’t fit? Even if I really, really like them? Buh-bye. Shoes that I will just never wear again? (Hello, once white wedding shoes, now dyed black, I am talking about you…) See ya! Gucci purse I’ve had since I was about fourteen? Adios.

The Vietnam Veterans of America benefited greatly from my purgefest (they didn’t get the Gucci, that is going to consignment shop), and here is why: they made it easy for me. I simply went online, scheduled a day for them to pick up and it was gone.

As an unintended bonus, I managed to find a black handbag that I had given up on using because it was too big. Now, in my iPad-hauling days, it is just the right size, and I don’t need to go out and buy a new purse. Win-win. It feels great to get rid of things that are not necessary anymore.

What was the hardest thing you had to purge? Read Babka’s take on the whole purging thing here.


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