Happy Birthday… to Me.

It is here once again, my celebrated-all-month birthday. This is another year of many celebrations, and really, why not? Meals with friends and family help to remind me that this is a big one. I realized recently that FKGuy and I have been together now for half of our lives. That would be a lot less impressive – and much weirder – if we were only 10.)

But this is not going to be a take-stock kind of post. I will not wax philosophical about getting older (but not grayer, many thanks to that little bottle of dye, and the big swath of fuchsia currently residing at the front of my head). I will not lament times changing. Instead I will concentrate on the important things, like drinking champagne. I’m off to pop a bottle. See you all later in the week with more tales from the cruise. (Coming up: Why I hate to snorkel, the best beach BBQ ever, entertainment aboard the ship and even more on food. You will need a snack when you are reading. )

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