Happy Birthday… to Me.

It is here once again, my celebrated-all-month birthday. This is another year of many celebrations, and really, why not? Meals with friends and family help to remind me that this is a big one. I realized recently that FKGuy and I have been together now for half of our lives. That would be a lot less impressive – and much weirder – if we were only 10.)

But this is not going to be a take-stock kind of post. I will not wax philosophical about getting older (but not grayer, many thanks to that little bottle of dye, and the big swath of¬†fuchsia¬†currently residing at the front of my head). I will not lament times changing. Instead I will concentrate on the important things, like drinking champagne. I’m off to pop a bottle. See you all later in the week with more tales from the cruise. (Coming up: Why I hate to snorkel, the best beach BBQ ever, entertainment aboard the ship and even more on food. You will need a snack when you are reading. )