Plus One

When did the “plus one” become part of society?  And when is it appropriate to invite a plus one? When is it not? Is it ever OK for your dog to be your plus one? (I guess that is a different post all together…) I know most of the time this question pops up around weddings, but every once in a while, it comes up other times, too.

For example, this evening a friend of mine has two tickets on Danger Charters Wind and Wine sailing. Her boyfriend is busy, so I am, in essence, her plus one. (Does FKGuy mind? Nope. He is meeting us for dinner post-sail.) Of course at an event where someone is footing the bill (as opposed to having an extra, already-purchased ticket), it can be a bit more delicate. Or not.

We will be traveling to Chicago in August for a bi-annual wine party. (Read about the last one here. Details to come after this year’s shindig.) This year, my cousin has moved to Chicago and I thought it would be a lot of fun for her, and her soon-to-be husband, to join us. So I asked if we could come “plus two”. Naturally, the laid back host obliged.

I am a big fan of “the more the merrier” so in a case like the relaxed backyard wine bash, I thought it totally appropriate to ask if I could bring some others. It is not OK to just show up with them without asking first.

On the other hand, I was recently talking to this cousin about her impending nuptials and asked if her brother was bringing a plus one. He is not. The bride gently explained that if he did show up with a plus one (which is OK), she would be introduced to our entire family. All at once. And thus, might get scared off and never be his plus one again. Perhaps this was not the best time for an introduction. On the other hand, I approached it practically. What if this person was not to be a plus one a year from now? She will be in all the wedding pictures. Forever. I know. There are a few plus-ones in my wedding album that have long since become “minus ones“.