Karaoke (or, I Lied to You)

Our karaoke host for the evening.
Our karaoke host for the evening.

Sorry. Sorry for lying about the whole singing in public thing. Even sorrier for actually singing in public. I may have sounded bad, but there was a guy wearing only underwear and bunny ears that was also singing in public. It happened when friends we met on our last Seabourn cruise were in town. 

We had a really good time on that cruise. Most nights we found ourselves in the Observation Bar listening to the awesome

That's our friend - the one with the good voice.
That’s our friend – the one with the good voice.

piano player, and our new friend and fellow passenger singing along. He has a very good voice.

Naturally when they were in Key West, we thought it would be fun for him to do some karaoke. Sunday nights, Bobby’s Monkey Bar is the place for karaoke. It is smokey, loud, the drinks are strong, and nobody takes themselves too seriously. It is fabulously Key West.

At some point (while people with decent voices were singing), I may have slipped a little piece of paper with possibly the best karaoke song ever, and my friend’s name, into the mix. The thing is, Paradise by the Dashboard Light is a duet. (You see where this is headed, right?)

20140420_223633And then there I was, in Bobby’s Monkey Bar, singing (screeching? howling? making other people cringe?) the female parts (and some of the male parts, because, let’s face it, I can’t help myself) while the guy in the bunny ears meandered about in his non-outfit. The worst part of this entire thing, is that I know how bad I sound (really, I’ve seen it on video; it is not pretty) and yet… it was quite fun, so

Further proof that I have no shame, whatsoever.

the likelihood of it happening again is alarmingly high.

Next time I will try to remember to bring earplugs for the crowd.

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